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Capricorn Love in 2014

Read how the stars influence your love life!
Capricorn Love Scope and Love compatibility for 2014


Aries - You are both cardinal signs, so this relationship could find Capricorn feeling restless but equally secure with Aries. Aries gets a boost in prestige from Capricorn. You are both great at starting projects and relationships (cardinal component), but unless someone holds your attention, you both are likely to stray. In 2014, if rules are established and the trust and chemistry are present, why not live and let love rule? Caution Capricorn: In 2014, Aries might get restless and possible stray. To keep Aries interested, maintain some mystery for ideal results.

Taurus - Capricorn meets Taurus and wants to explore this attractive and compatible play mate. Capricorn senses that Taurus has much in common with them. Capricorns intuition turns out to be 100% accurate. Capricorn finds Taurus physically appealing and Taurus returns the favor. These two can get married, divorced or make serious changes in their family and domestic life in 2014. Travel, and where these two live/reside will become serious topics. It might take some patience from Capricorn to make this relationship work. Advice: Be supportive with Taurus need for space and decision making and (You) Capricorn will conclude you have landed a dream love for life!
Gemini - Gemini reminds (You) Capricorn how important health, work and wellness are. Capricorn meets Gemini and decides to get serious about important issues such as health, wellness and diet. There is attraction between the two of you and a strong mutual interest in education. You develop a strong bond, fast. Over time, issues such as basic repairs, maintenance, illness and day to day living cement your fondness and understanding of one another. Capricorn gets an education, while Gemini teaches Capricorn about the healthy and practical side of daily life. This relationship grows serious in 2014.

Cancer - Cancer is your 7th House of marriage, contracts and legal issues, Capricorn. Cancer meets Capricorn and wants to make it official on the spot. Capricorn is flattered by the attention from Cancer, but might have reservations about Cancers emotional side. After time, you two really begin to click. This relationship gets better over time and eventually Capricorn sees the light and decides to make a serious commitment to Cancer. Capricorn learns about permissions, legal contracts and Cancer can find his or her dream lover in this association. You complement each other perfectly in 2014 and beyond.

Leo - When Capricorn meets Leo, Capricorn sees someone just like them, or so they think. Leo appeals to your desire for the good life, a successful career and a HAPPY family and home life, Capricorn. You have more in common than both of you first believed. Capricorn learns about obscure subjects with Leo and Leo learns about the reality of being in a long term/monogamous relationship with Capricorn. This year, a powerful attraction takes place, fast. Leo and Capricorn will help one another flourish in their respective areas of interest.

Virgo - Here is a TOP choice for Capricorn. Virgo is thought provoking and gives Capricorn exactly what Capricorn craves. Stability, security and fulfillment enter the picture fast and before they know it, these two fall madly in love. Virgo receives the ideal amount of affection and attention from Capricorn. These two can make it official in 2014 and beyond. Take a chance on Virgo in 2014, Capricorn. You won't regret it. 

Libra - Libra teaches Capricorn about career, success and how to handle life's ups and downs. These two signs are both cardinal, so it will be important that the feeling is mutual or one or both of you will get bored. Both of you sense that there could be something or someone better out there, but might not disclose this to one another. Libra must be aware that Capricorn will eventually expect hard work and assistance from Libra. Capricorn is driven by status and success whereas Libra just wants to engage in the good life. Capricorn won't let that mentality fly, Libra. Capricorn (You) will eventually demand that Libra step up and participate in the reality of daily living. Tone down your serious side when in the company of a Libra in 2014, Capricorn.

Scorpio - Capricorn meets Scorpio and senses the two have much in common. Capricorn feels Scorpios attraction and overtime these two fall madly in love. Scorpio encourages Capricorn to be the best they can be and Capricorn will sense his or her powers of persuasion when dealing with or in the presence of Scorpio. These two eventually will become partners, friends and or associates. Scorpio genuinely wants to help Capricorn climb the ladder of success and Capricorn gives Scorpio the comfort of a secure, committed and romantic love life.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius rules your 12th House of privacy, seclusion and the past. There could be secrets in this relationship with Sagittarius, Capricorn. It could be as simple as Sagittarius finds you so attractive that they prefer one on one time together as opposed to going to parties or public events together. Either way, there will remain an element of privacy in this relationship, one way or another. Either both of you know what that/this is and keep it between you or you both decide to keep this relationship forever hush hush/quiet. Capricorn will eventually stumble upon some of Sagittarius secrets and might rethink this relationship in 2014.

Capricorn - Capricorn with another Capricorn is not as ideal as one would think it could be. Remember that there are other factors to consider when determining compatibility (such as Moon, Rising Sign, Mars and Venus placements/elements) and while initially these two connect, over time, one of you will fall victim to self deception. These two do not ground one another, in any sense, not in 2014. Two Capricorns have a tendency to bring out the worst in each other, especially with Pluto in their sign.

Aquarius - Capricorn and Aquarius are more compatible than most suspect. Capricorn can make a fortune with Aquarius and Aquarius can share his or her darkest and deepest secrets (if any) with Capricorn. These two can and will bond closer over big life changes such as a domestic adjustment, loss of a job or anything else that comes up suddenly. Capricorn has found a friend and lover for life and Aquarius feels more content, cared for and tended to in this relationship.

Pisces - Here is another TOP choice for Capricorn. Pisces is someone Capricorn takes one look at and decides to take a risk and it usually pays off for both. This dreamy lover will take you places you have only dreamed of, Capricorn. Capricorn is mentally and physically stimulated with Pisces and Pisces feels that Capricorn is someone they can trust implicitly. This relationship moves mountains in 2014. The two of you grow closer and finally commit this year.

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