Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Gemini Profile

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The Gemini Profile

Ever-Changing, Versatile, Communicative, Witty, Intellectual, Eloquent, Youthful and Lively, Nervous, Tense, Superficial, Inconsistent, Cunning, Disloyal, Disconnected, Strange and Inquisitive


Geminis are curious and intellectual by nature. They are forever exploring people,places and innovative ideas and thoughts in order to attain knowledge. Bright, witty, easy on the eyes, Gemini has tons of charm which guarantees the ability to be the center of "attention".

Matching their intellect with their well-developed imaginations. This is a sign that people find seductive beyond words.

The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just who you are dealing with. They sometimes appear fickle, flighty and susceptible to whims.

These traits often make it difficult for Geminis to finish much of what they start. The other side of their dual personalities is they have an innate ability to multi-task, which is good since their interests are so varied.

The Gemini intellect is their key to well-being, and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communicating. Gemini is a born leader and will usually defer positions to his or her liking.

However, their clear thinking, seductive ways and ability to entertain almost anyone is attractive to all who encounter this mysterious sign.

Allow them to contribute positively to any project they express a desire in. While Geminis love to dream, they also make those dreams real and can give quite a show for an appreciative audience.

Overall, their light spirit and interest in almost everything make them wonderful company.


Geminis love intelligent conversation, so the way to the Gemini heart is through the head. Gemini is best involved with a steadier, stronger personality who will tolerate and enjoy their last minute socializing, yet be home for them when the party has ended.

They are willing to experiment with all manner of relationship styles; and as long as their partner is articulate, tolerant, exciting, adventurous and willing to discuss their exploits in detail, they will be ecstatic.

Because Gemini is not above straying, they are rather divorce prone. However, typically they think the joys of an occasional adventure more than make up for the risks involved. Geminis are exciting companions who crave excitement and variety. They assume they will be able to easily smooth over troubled waters with their gift for manipulation.


Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Confucius, Paul McCartney & Natalie Portman

Ideal Jobs Include:
Geminis are well-suited to be explorers, writers, merchants, translators, publicists, agents, or talk show hosts.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5 & 9

Planet: Mercury

Star Stone: Moss Agate

Element: Air

Most Compatible With: Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius

Symbol : Twins

Keywords: Adaptable, communicative, restless

Polarity: Positive

Gender: Masculine

Quality: Mutable