Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scorpio Love


You are a mystery to many, but YOU don't quite see it that way, Scorpio. You need a partner who understands that you tend to FEEL your way through your daily life. This is imperative for Scorpio love in 2012 and beyond. FIND someone who understands this and let them know so they don't freak out, Scorpio. There is GOOD NEWS for Scorpios looking for love in 2012. Jupiter is in your 7th House of marriage and committed relationships. The 7th House also rules divorce and your career so expect to witness some type expansion in one of these areas, Scorpio. You could meet the man or woman of your dreams in 2012 or have found them already, Scorpio. You could also be getting divorced like Katy Perry and Demi Moore. Relationships will be all or nothing in 2012, Scorpio.

You are creative, rebellious at times and can be extremely fixed in your views. 2012 is a time when you will have learned what needed to be learned and now you're ready to apply these lessons. Scorpio is ruled by sex, death and personal rebirth. You continue to transform (internally and externally) at astounding levels, especially in 2012. Special for Scorpio: Make sure your partner is aware of your sense of humor. Sarcasm can backfire in 2012, Scorpio. Don't let this happen to you, not with such good prospects. Saturn is about to enter your 1st House in October, Scorpio. You have learned by now how to cope with isolation, creativity, facing for your fears and reexamining your deepest hopes. You essentially faced your biggest fears in love and overcame them in 2011.

It wasn't easy at times but you can NOW face the New Year with hope of meeting a new match, if single. Now, IS the time to get serious about love as Saturn is compatible with Pluto, your ruling planet. Taurus (Your opposite sign) in Jupiter, planet of expansion, will remain in your 7th House until June. Then it enters Gemini and your 8th House for an entire year. You end 2012 on a happy note, Scorpio. You will learn by actions and intuition who is a keeper and who is NOT. This is a POWERFUL time in your love life. You will have the most prosperity by simply going with the flow.

Let's see what sign can take Scorpio's breath away in 2012?

Aries - Scorpio meets Aries and wants to make it official. Scorpio sees the potential for a long term love with Aries. Scorpio can also climb the ladder of success with Aries. This could work as long as you both are willing and Aries IS willing to show Scorpio his or her devotion. Scorpio is willing to settle down and get the job done with Aries. There is hope for this relationship in 2012, a ton of it. Special for Scorpio: Give Aries the occasional space they need.

Taurus - Scorpio is mesmerized by EVERYTHING Taurus. Scorpio could pursue Taurus until Taurus gives in. Taurus will either be feeling Scorpio or not feeling Scorpio at all. There is no middle ground here, not in 2012. The only issue, Scorpio? How does Taurus feel about YOU? Here is an idea: ASK! What's NOT to love about this gorgeous, down to earth and outgoing sign called Taurus? There is potential for these two in 2012, especially if meeting for the first time and if Taurus is as strongly drawn to Scorpio as Scorpio is to Taurus. Otherwise, Taurus might run into the arms of a new love.

Gemini - Scorpio meets Gemini and loves his or her openness and willingness to put everything about his or her life out there, publicly. This is a foreign concept for Scorpio. Scorpio finds Gemini's intellect admirable and these two could connect in 2012. Scorpio will explore mysteries when in the company of Gemini and these two can make it if love truly exists there. Don't complain when Gemini parties the night away without you though, Scorpio.

Cancer - Here is an IDEAL choice of loves for Scorpio. Scorpio meets Cancer and is slowly drawn in by the charm and charisma of Cancer. These two can read each other's minds and build a strong and lasting love affair that will go down in history for both. Both of you will think about a possible future together at some point whether the relationships works out or doesn't. Odds are excellent for love term love with Cancer in 2012, Scorpio. Think about it.

Leo - When Scorpio meets Leo, Scorpio senses someone like themselves. Leo is taken with the charm and sex appeal of Scorpio. These two fixed signs are powerful together but after time, if Scorpio is not watching Leo 24/7, Leo will seek the company of other suitors, like it or not, Scorpio. The last thing Scorpio wants to do is baby sit, and in 2012, Scorpio could find love with Leo a little too dramatic for his or her tastes and coming from Scorpio, that says a lot. These two can experience a powerful romance but where it goes beyond is up to both.

Virgo - Scorpio meets Virgo and falls slowly but surely head over heels with Virgo. Virgo takes his or her time and usually can sense they can influence Scorpio over to their point of view. Not so fast, Virgo. Scorpio isn't into mind games and side relationships so it's best to skip this relationship in 2012, Scorpio. Virgo is taken and unless Virgo is with YOU, forget about it, Scorpio. Virgo will balance out Scorpio's emotions and together they might find balance. Scorpio will see the light in his or her relationship with a Virgo in 2012. It's about time, Scorpio.

Libra - This is a surprise paring that seems to last. Libra and Scorpio are actually quite similar in that they both love the good life, are in love with the ideas of love and BOTH cherish their home lives. They both feel free romantically to be themselves with one another and there is an unspoken bond in 2012. These two will expand and grow even more in love than ever. This relationship can work in 2012.

Scorpio - This combination is a double dose of Pluto. Two Scorpios can make money together and change the way we view the world. When two Scorpios meet, they instantly recognize something in this other person. As time goes on, they either know it's love and they commit or one or the other gets the impression that they might be NOT so interested after all. Remember Scorpio - True love defies all odds. As time goes by and if they decide to commit, they can build an EMPIRE together but that can also take away from a romance. Go figure! In 2012, it's all or nothing at all between Scorpio and another Scorpio.

Sagittarius - When Scorpio meets and greets Sagittarius, Scorpio turns out to be more attracted than Sagittarius was initially. This is not a great combination unless you have a compatible Moon, Rising, or Venus in a compatible sign. And it's definitely not going to work unless you both keep you interests separate. The timing is usually off somehow or in some way. One of you could be involved with another when you meet, so be sure and ask questions if you sense something is a little off, because it probably is, Scorpio.

Capricorn - This is an IDEAL match for Scorpio. These two meet and sense one anothers determination, compatible interests and attraction to each other. Problems can arise if Scorpio nags Capricorn, though. Capricorn needs Scorpio in his or her life, so in 2012 and throughout Pluto's transit of Capricorn, these signs will get one another and could get close, FAST. Long conversation and laughter are part of this association, Scorpio. You could fall madly in love with a Capricorn or a Capricorn could fall in love with you.

Aquarius - Scorpio meets Aquarius and thinks about his or her home life. Aquarius is your 4th House of home and family, Scorpio. Aquarius is not sure what to initially make of Scorpio's passionate nature in 2012. Scorpio's job or a past issue could resurface in 2012. Move bravely forward unless this is someone you are CURRENTLY attached to, Aquarius. Family issues could get in the way after time, so be aware and alert in this area with an Aquarius in 2012, Scorpio.

Pisces - This is the PERFECT match for Scorpio in 2012, Scorpio. Scorpio meets Pisces and feels chemistry and a strong connection that is undeniable. Scorpio's feelings are so intense, it could scare Pisces away. Scorpio is 100% unaware of this and thinks Pisces actually appreciates it. After time and many conversations, Pisces warms up to Scorpio and the relationship could even end up with children. In 2012, love will take your breath away, literally. BOTH of you!