Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Capricorn Weekly Forecast

   Learn about Astrology and see how the stars influence your life, love, career and other important relationships.

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Polarity: Negative
Gender: Feminine
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal 
Gems: Onyx & Jet
Birthstone: White Onyx, Moonstone & Garnet
Lucky colors: Black, Grey, Green & Purple(s)
Body Areas: Joints, knees and bones.
Your power numbers are # 2 and 9.
Your luckiest number is # 8.
You're MOST admired for your Consistency!
Luckiest day of the week is Saturday, Capricorn!
Capricorn Cities: Montreal, Oxford, Chicago, Milwaukee, Providence, Birmingham & Bridgeport
Capricorn Countries: India, Mexico & Afghanistan

  Capricorn Celebs: Kate Middleton, Jason Bateman, Denzel Washington, Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Tiger Woods, Kevin Costner, Jason Segel, Dave Grohl, Jim Carrey, Bradley Cooper, Kate Moss, Mel Gibson, Liam Hemsworth, Henri Matisse, Jude Law, Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Dianne Lane, Howard Stern, Diane Keaton, Zooey Deschanel, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Betty White.

Capricorn Weekly Love Astrology Forecast
This past week, Venus (Planet of love, money, music and harmony) changed signs from Libra (Partnerships/marriage) into Scorpio (Sex and deeply committed relationships) on 12/4 and will remain in Scorpio until 12/30. Venus isn’t as comfortable in the sign of Scorpio as Venus is the planet that naturally rules Taurus and Libra but that doesn’t mean love isn’t in the air. Love is in the air and couples bond even closer during Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio is all about deeply committed relationships and sex and love can feel explosive with the right person! Your heart will know exactly where you stand during this all or nothing time in love and relationships.

This is a favorable time for Scorpios to begin new projects, initiate a new chapter and Venus can be generous when it comes to personal and professional affairs. Scorpios will benefit most from this transit that lasts until 12/30, so make the most of this powerful energy Scorpio! tone down any hint of impatience or there could be some conflicts, misunderstandings and arguments.

Best advice: If you are a Taurus or a Scorpio, NOW is an ideal time to begin a new chapter, love affair, start a new business and generally make the most of this time as Venus promises to bring you good timing in your personal and professional life. Why Taurus? Because, Taurus is Scorpios 7th House of marriage and legal contracts.

All signs will feel the effects of Venus in the passionate and secretive sign of Scorpio but Scorpio has the most offers during this transit and can change/transform his or her life overnight if they wish to.

Where does Venus in Scorpio impact your sign and how will this transit benefit you?

Capricorn - Scorpio is your 11th House of friendships. Your friendships will function smoothly and you might expect some drama when it comes to these associations. There could also be some dramatic moments when it comes to groups and long term friends. Everyone wants your attention during this time, Capricorn. You could discover a romance with a friend or meet the love of your life through friends and any groups to which you belong. A Taurus, Gemini and a Libra have advice that could change your life. Listen to these dear friends, Capricorn.

New Moon in Sagittarius on 12/11/2015

A New Moon forms in the "Happy go lucky" fire sign of Sagittarius on Friday, 12/11/15.  Sagittarius can benefit most from this New Moon as the New Moon brings Sagittarius a second chance to make a first impression and Sagittarius will find themselves in the spotlight this week. Sagittarius is fire energy, it rules the 9th House of higher learning, spirituality, publishing, advertising, overseas travel, foreign people and foreign cultures. We will be seeing these areas capture our attention throughout the week of this New Moon and a sense of optimism (Sagittarius component) promises to overcome each and every one of us.

So, where does this New Moon in Sagittarius promise to bring you a new beginning and bring about a fresh perspective for YOU this week?

P.S. Always read your rising sign a.k.a your ascendant to get an even better idea of your month ahead.

Capricorn: The New Moon in Sagittarius will tour your 12th House of privacy, secrets, seclusion and fears simultaneously this week, Capricorn. You're able to make a fresh start in a new direction but you might have some making up to do with someone else, first. This Moon can brings about offers via relationships past, what you give to others unconditionally and where any secrets or past issues are involved. Anything you do in private can bring rewards - if you play fair. You might appear more intense than normal and others can sense your authenticity, so try not to put on a facade. A sexy Libra, a practical Virgo and another Capricorn will understand you, your motives and your good intentions, Capricorn.

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