Aries Weekly Forecast

Ruling Planet: Mars
Polarity: Positive
 Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal 
Gems: Ruby, Bloodstone and Diamonds
Birthstone: Amethyst
Your lucky color: Red
Body Area: Head and face
Your power numbers are # 1, 8 and 9.
Your luckiest number is # 9.
You're MOST admired for your Fearlessness! 
Your luckiest day of the week is Tuesday, Aries!
 Aries Cities: Birmingham, Naples, Florence & Marseilles
Aries Countries: England, France, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Syria & Israel.

Celebrity Aries: Hugh Hefner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, James Franco, Robert Downey Jr., Steven Tyler, Elton John, Claire Danes, Emma Watson, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Eddie Murphy, Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, David Letterman, Jennifer Garner, Keira Knightley, Paul Rudd, Maya Angelou, Reese Witherspoon, Patricia Arquette and Seth Rogen.


Aries Weekly Astrology Forecast 

Week of 3/2-3/9

The Sun in Pisces transits your solar 12 House of secrets, seclusion, isolation and what is occurring behind the scenes as the week begins, Aries.  You will be privy to secrets and you could have a few juicy secrets of your own, Aries.  However, there is nothing you can't handle now with the personal planets of Venus (Love) in Aries and your ruling planet, Mars, additionally occupying your 1st House of image until 3/9. You will feel confident, gain momentum in your abilities and radiate personal appeal when you step out, whether it's for a night on the town or a  simple lunch with friends, Aries, single or coupled stands out BIG TIME and others are mesmerized by YOUR charm and powers of persuasion.

Mars (Physical Energy/motivation) continues its transit in your sign, Aries (Your 1st House of self appearance) Good news, Aries. Your personal and most meaningful relationships capture your undivided focus and attention during this milestone time in your personal life, single married or divorced. Try to tone down what could be deemed aggressive or impatient behaviors as this will tend to work against you during Mars in your 1st House, Aries and you know this by now, so behave,Aries! If single, a new love interest captures your attention during this transit. Your sexuality will be extra heightened and your desires magnified during Mars + Venus moving direct in your 1st House. Personal and professional activities favor you but it might seem as though your sexuality and your sex appeal soar  and stand out big time during this week. Love is bound to take you by surprise and you become more alive and motivated with Mars moving direct.Take advantage of having Mars (planet of motivation/physical energy and sexuality) in your 1st House as it brings a strong physical energy and motivation into your personal, social and professional life. This planet brings the ability to motivate, energize and stimulate you on a variety of levels. It can also be a time when disagreements can escalate, so be on your best behavior when dealing with those who matter most. The choice is up to you, so know that your actions and or reactions (or both) will speak volumes to others for you and about you this week. You will be presented with an opportunity to begin a relationship that is sexually and emotionally satisfying, if single. New doors ARE opening with Mars and Venus in your 1st House of appearance. And men will be very helpful to boot!

Another Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius have much to say and will have offers to present you with more money in the bank this week! 

______Week of 2/23-3/2/2017___

Aries: Pisces is your 12th House of privacy, secrets and deals with hospitals, institutions and events taking place behind closed doors,Aries. The New Moon in Pisces / Solar Eclipse, Neptune and the Sun influence your 12th House of privacy, secrets and isolation, Aries. This Solar Eclipse brings about tons of offers through relationships past and via any private endeavors or encounters you are presently engaged in courtesy of Venus and Mars in your 1st House of image. Anything you do in private that benefits you and others brings you the greatest rewards or a chance to make things more ideal and comfortable for you. Personal life also takes on greater significance this week. You might seem more like a romantic Libra, especially on 2/24, Aries. You might need some down time on the 27th and 28th. A Cancer, Capricorn and a Pisces are front and center.


Weekly Forecasts for 2/16 - 2/23

Venus (Love & Money) transits your 1st House, Aries from February - March 4th. Yes, that's right, Aries. For two lovely month, all eyes zero in on you! You might notice your physical energy to be high and a love relationship is more than close by. Mars (Planet of passion, sexuality and motivation) also occupies your 1st House of image, your personal appearance and this should bring positive results your way, Aries. Whenever Venus transits your 1st House of image, you find your popularity escalates and your timing is perfect. More people notice you, are attracted to you and admire your passionate winning ways. It might seem as though people find you to be the life of the party with Venus in your 1st House. Singles are primed to meet and new love interest and couples could make a serious announcement. A Leo and an Aquarius would make ideal choices for you this year and week, if single. Realize that you will be considered the best looking person in any room during this transit. You have sex appeal to spare with Venus, Mars and eccentric Uranus in your 1st House of physical appearance! This is called a stellium in Astrology. Whenever two or more planets occupy a House, the energies of those planers strengthens them times ten, so Aries, it's time for you to enjoy this two month period but watch out as love will be at the very top of your agenda and so will being number one! Confidence is sexy and you have sex appeal, drive and determination to get anything you desire. 

Your Best days this week: 2/16 & 2/20

Take it easy on: 2/21

You can have anything you want when it comes to love, flirtations and serious relationships throughout this time with Venus in your 1st House. This week you have the beauty, brains and motivation to go after whatever it is that you desire! A Capricorn and a Cancer will be helpful. 


A Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, on 2/10! Leo is the 5th House of Astrology.  The 5th House is all about love, passion, children, taking risks, gambling and also focuses on hobbies. Every two years, Eclipses come in pairs and  remember, the energies of Lunar Eclipses can be felt up to three months, maybe more. and these effects can last for months or sometimes years after, it all depends on your Chart and where this Eclipse occurs for you, what House and which degree. Remember that there are degrees involved in each of our charts, so it would be impossible to tell you exactly how this will play out, BUT I have included my weeklies and make sure you check out the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2017 article to learn more. Sometimes its fun to go back and see how the eclipses impacted your life. But, it's not over yet! There will be another Eclipse on 2/26, this one is a Solar Eclipse. The good news about Solar Eclipses are that they stand out because the Sun and the Moon travel together. For more on this culmination of Eclipses and what they mean for you, I devised this article that I wrote over a twenty year period of time. It's for those of you who want to get a general idea of how these energies will play out for you.


The Eclipse in Leo impacts your 5th House of love and children and brings your immediate attention to taking risks, Aries. This is a great time to start some type of savings as unexpected expenses could crop up when you least expect them to relating to love and children. Passion, children and your hobbies (what you love to do in your spare time) will be heavily emphasized under this Eclipse. 


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