Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Ruling Planet: Neptune
Polarity: Negative
Gender: Feminine
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Gems: Sapphire & Emerald
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Your Lucky colors: Sea Green & Mauve
Body Areas: Feet and the lymphatic system
Your power numbers are # 2, 6 & 7
Your luckiest number is # 7
You're MOST admired for your Compassion!
Luckiest Day of the week is Friday, Pisces!
Pisces Cities: Miami, Casablanca, Dublin, Omaha & Lisbon
Pisces Countries: Portugal, Scandinavia, Sahara Desert, North Africa, Scotland & Normandy 

Pisces Celebrities: Adam Levine, Bruce Willis, Cris Martin, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, Rihanna, Billy Crystal, Spike Lee, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Rob Lowe, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Cindy Crawford, Shaquille O'Neal, Jon Bon Jovi, Juliette Binoche, Rebel Wilson, Dakota Fanning and Jessica Biel.


Weekly Forecast for Pisces
Week of 9/14 - 9/21/2017

We have a stellium in the sign of Virgo taking place this week. We have a The Sun (A planet in Astrology), Mars (Action/Physical Motivation and War) in Virgo, A New Moon occurring in the sign of Virgo on Tuesday, 9/19, and Mercury in Virgo. This is referred to as a stellium in Astrology. A stellium occurs whenever three or more planets fall in one House. Now we will have The Sun, Mars and Mercury and a New Moon in Virgo. Virgo is the 6th House in Astrology. On this New Moon, Venus (Love) will enter Virgo, leaving Virgo in the SPOTLIGHT~ Service, work, schedules, health and hygiene matters will capture OUR ATTENTION. It's an ideal time to focus on cleaning up messes, tidying up our professional lives, getting on a good schedule, tending to repairs and maintenance issues as well as tending to our health and being of service. With these 5 planets in the service oriented sign of Virgo, these areas take precedence and Virgo shines in all matters. Just avoid aggression with Mars in your 1st House, Virgo!

Expect health matters to come under public scrutiny with all of this planetary activity in the detail oriented sign of Virgo. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, is the sign of service to others and self, is considered Feminine - Yin Energy. Virgo also naturally rules the 6th House of health, wellness, (mind, body and spirit) and also covers areas such as our daily routines and deals with repairs and maintenance issues. It's a week of details, details and more details as a New Moon, The Sun and Mercury touring Virgo can bring about the desire to focus on our health, pay closer attention to the health and wellness of others and this week might find all signs having a strong desire to clean up messes of any kind in your own life as Virgo is meticulous and is obsessed with order, service to others/self and meeting his or her obligations, mind, body and spirit. On the New Moon, Venus enters into Virgo making it Virgo time to capture attention, praise and adoration from the same and opposite sex. Expect assistance from Males (Mars) and Females (Venus). 

Have a wish or desire, Virgo? Set your intention for the New Moon as the New Moon in Your Sign is considered your Solar New Year in Astrology. With Venus in Virgo, the other earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn will be favored in their romantic and professional endeavors. With Mercury, Mars, The Sun and a New Moon all touring in Virgo, It's time to focus on the practical side of matters and this applies to all signs, but the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will feel these effects most strongly on the New Moon with Venus adding to the mix. 

The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces WILL possess a way with words and be excellent communicators.

So, where does Virgo fall in your chart and what does this mean for you personally?

Pisces: Virgo is your 7th House of marriage, professional endeavors and legal contracts. Pisces, with all of this planetary energy in your 7th House, you could make a new impression on old friends. You will also be offered more professional options and find yourself planning ahead with one special love interest. A Leo might have ideas that you can turn into cash!


Week 0f 3/2-3/9/2017


 This should be one of the best times for your sign in romance all year, Pisces. Singles could meet the one while couples feel more connected than ever. Sexual and romantic chemistry will be off the charts, single or coupled. An ongoing relationship makes it to the next level during this time and Pisces will find a natural balance for their relationship that works for both parties involved. You could meet exciting people and romantic adventure will beckon while the Sun transits your 1st House. Expect your physical appearance to come to your attention during this time. You also have the gift of gab courtesy of Mercury also joining the Sun in your 1st House. 

Venus (Love) and Mars (Sex appeal) will continue to tour Aries, your 2nd House of personal possessions, money, real-estate, your self-worth, valuables and people, places and things that you keep close to your tender heart. Mars will exit your 2nd House next week and enter your 3rd House of communications, the internet and siblings on 3/9. This gives you a week to cement your finances and work out a budget with your significant other or if single, hire a specialist to help you stash some money away for a rainy day, Pisces. You will have offers to make more money when you least expect them this week. 

An Aries, Cancer and an Aquarius are involved in your week, Pisces. An Aries is trying to catch up to you. Are you sure you are in the mood? A Cancer could seem down and out. If you reach out to this dear friend, you will find that they are worried about other things and you might have had the wrong idea. With an Aquarius, conversations flow, laughter is evident and chemistry is durable. 

 - Week of 2/23 - 3/2/17 -

Happy Birthday, Pisces! Your personal and professional life consumes the spotlight with a New Moon, The Sun and Neptune all your 1st House of self-image! Talk about progress!  This time last year you were in a different space in via your love and work life. By now, you realize that your love life is just as crucial to your wellbeing as your work life is. Singles can meet someone with serious relationship potential with the Sun, Neptune and a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) transit your 1st House, Pisces. Make up for lost time in any romance this week for ideal results. Learn to forgive, forget and move on. You have such a wonderful week ahead of you from the 26th-28th, single or coupled, but with Venus in Aries, you could find, if single, that a partner only wants to spend time alone with you behind closed doors, not in public. Couples will rediscover what brought them together and romance is off the charts for coupled Pisces. Just pay close attention on the 25th as someone you thought was more than a friend turns out to be just that, Pisces. A Taurus, Scorpio and a Aquarius have your back and are willing to do as you say, not as you do. That's right, Pisces! You're the master of your own fate this week, so use the planetary energy wisely for ideal results. Don't ignore your intuition where any ongoing romance is involved. 


 Mars (Physical energy/motivation and your sexuality) will join Venus (Love, gifts and Money) + Uranus (surprises) all continuing their transit of your solar 2nd House this week, so imagine all of the excitement, aggression and secrets in the air as we build up to a Solar Eclipse on your sign and in your 1st House on 2/26. Caution Pisces! It won't serve you well when dealing with others if you display ANY hint of confrontational reaction during this week! Mars can make mountains out of molehills, so it will be especially important for you to tone down what could be seen as impatient or aggressive behaviors anytime Mars travels through a sign that is not as compatible with your Water element. This transit of Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries might have seen you dealing more closely with secrets about money and found your undivided focus on your income, your self-worth and when you deal with possessions and property, Pisces. You will go over the fine print until you're certain that projects will go through via contracts that are to your liking and that you deem fair, pay wise (Aries component). Just tone down aggression for ideal results! The 2nd House also deals with what you consider to be valuable to you whether that is a person, place or thing, this transit makes sure you decide who you want. Single Pisces are never single for long periods of time. Mutable signs are not. They are considered the playboys and playgirls of zodiac and they tend to be fickle in love and don't mind flirting or cheating, so you need to be careful of taking a flirtation and turning into something bigger, especially if coupled! All eyes are on you, Pisces. You have a chance to make your dreams a reality and you could win some money while looking exceptional attractive to others. The signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will be involved in passionate and intense encounters. 

Check in with another Pisces on 2/18
Make time for old friends on 2/16
You might not want to leave the house on 2/21


Weekly Horoscopes for 2/10/-2/16

A Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, on 2/10/17! Leo is the 5th House of Astrology.  The 5th House is all about love, passion, children, taking risks, gambling and also focuses on hobbies. Every two years, Eclipses come in pairs and  remember, the energies of Lunar Eclipses can be felt up to three months, maybe more. and these effects can last for months or sometimes years after, it all depends on your Chart and where this Eclipse occurs for you, what House and which degree. Remember that there are degrees involved in each of our charts, so it would be impossible to tell you exactly how this will play out, BUT, I have included my weeklies and make sure you check out the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2017 article to learn more. Sometimes its fun to go back and see how the eclipses impacted your life. But, it's not over yet! There will be another Eclipse on 2/26, this one is a Solar Eclipse. The good news about Solar Eclipses are that they stand out because the Sun and the Moon travel together. For more on this culmination of Eclipses and what they mean for you, I devised this article that I wrote over a twenty year period of time. It's for those of you who want to get a general idea of how these energies will play out for you.

The Eclipse in Leo transits your 6th House of health, work and overall wellness, Pisces. This Eclipse impacts you strongly when it comes to your career, daily routines and your associates. This is a time when you need to be a team player or you could wind up regretting things said in the heat of the moment. A health issue could be clarified also during the upcoming Full Moon.


With the New Moon in Aquarius, on January 27th (Evening) and the Chinese New Year beginning the next day on January 28th, In 2017, The Chinese New Year + A New Moon is considered an auspicious time to launch a new strategy or plan, especially one that makes you believe that you’re making a contribution, since Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and New Moons bring new intentions and new beginnings. With a New Moon in the individualistic, innovative and forward thinking sign of Aquarius, its time to begin working on new paths and focus on that which unifies people, not divides them. Aquarius additionally rules the 11th House of friendships, hopes, wishes and group involvements.

P.S. This is also a big week due to both Venus and Mars (The personal love planets) occupying the dreamy, intuitive and mystical sign of Pisces. Pisces also deals with fantasies, escapism, imagination and illusion. Pisces is in the spotlight this week, especially where love, business and their (Pisces) image is involved.

I have included the House that this New Moon in Aquarius falls in for YOU below.

Pisces: The New Moon transits your 12th House of escapism, secrets and issues which have been kept hidden from you, Pisces. A New Moon in your 12th House can bring about an artistic masterpiece, Pisces, as long as you work by yourself. You can find your muse or create something with lasting value under the influence of the New Moon in Aquarius! Additionally, with the personal planets of Venus (Love) and Mars (Sexuality/Motivation) in your 1st House (Image), this is your time of year to make enormous strides in your personal and professional affairs. You can get your way and then some, but you will need to exercise caution and not come across as overly aggressive as this can happen with Mars. Additionally, watch out for substances and pay attention when having that one glass of wine, as one glass could turn into a bottle, so treat yourself well and avoid overindulgence on the 27th. An Aries, Virgo and a Capricorn will stand by your side and declare their love for you, single or coupled. 

Who is your perfect match, Pisces?

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