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Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball
  Moon in Scorpio - Sun in Aries

The Moon (Emotions, Your emotional nature/barometer) is now in the 8th House of Scorpio. To see what area of your life could be affected check out this link  HOUSES  to see what House your sign is passing through. You could find yourself dealing with the properties of each House (more so than normal) on days when the Moon changes into a new House or Sign. If you know your Rising sign, please read that sign as well for more insight!
Learn about the MOOD today with an explanation of the MOON in Scorpio Here!

Sun in Aries
 Moon (Emotions/mood) in Scorpio
Mercury (Intellect/communications) in Aries
Venus (Love/admiration) in Pisces
Mars(Physical Energy/motivation) retro in Libra
Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) in Cancer
 Saturn(Responsibility/Lessons) retro in Scorpio




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