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  Elizabeth will break down your month as much as possible with the weekly forecasts this month. Also, we would like to personally thank each and every one of you who continues to support this website by visiting every day, having a reading, asking a question or even sending in an email with your appreciation and kindness. For August, Addicted to Astrology is giving back for all of the generosity and for those customers and readers who have kept this site/blog going

Elizabeth is scheduling 12 days this month (August) for Free 10 minutes Readings. The dates and signs are listed below - How does this work? Look to your sign - find the date that is assigned to your sign and call in for free on that scheduled day. We have from 9am-6pm to answer your calls, for FREE. Face Book fans and anyone else who has contributed to this site (doesn't mean that you had to have made a purchase - you could be just a daily, weekly or monthly reader) get first/top priority! Elizabeth is familiar with her loyal customers and she knows you all by your names! We are in the Pacific Standard Time Zone! See below! 

Aries - Tuesday - 8/12 (9am - 6pm) PST

Taurus -Friday - 8/15 (9am-6pm) PST
Cancer - Friday - 8/8 (9am- 6pm) PST
Leo- Tuesday - 8/5 (9am - 6pm) PST
Virgo- Friday - 8/29 (9am - 6pm) PST
Libra -Friday - 8/22 - (9am- 6pm) PST
Scorpio - Monday - 8/18 (9am- 6pm) PST
Sagittarius - Monday - 8/4 (9am - 6pm) PST 
Capricorn- Wednesday - 8/27 (9am-6pm) PST
Aquarius - Tuesday -  8/25 (9am - 6pm) PST
Pisces - Thursday - 8/21 (9am - 6pm) PST

The number to call is 888-668-9422 - Callers calling from outside the USA and Canada should be able to access this number, but we cannot guarantee there will not be any toll fees. Please check with your local cell phone carrier prior to calling. 

You may not record any session with Elizabeth without her consent, so please be aware of this. If you don't have a copy of your chart  (FREE CHARTS) are available at, so please have yours ready if you have a question about Astrology. For those who want to know about their romantic life and know their personal planets, make sure and let Elizabeth know as Addicted to Astrology
wants you to get the most out of your time speaking with her! We realize that not everyone might get a chance to speak with Elizabeth but keep calling on your selected date and remember to let us know that you're from Face Book or that you're someone who has purchased a question, had a Reading or ordered a past monthly forecast. You also qualify for a Reading if you have been a regular reader who has emailed Elizabeth before - as these customers are likely to get through to Elizabeth much faster. You can also leave a message with the operator and we will call you back. Thank you to our loyal readers for continuing to visit this site/blog and have a wonderful August, friends. If you cannot get through to Elizabeth, we have a psychic who can give you a Reading if Elizabeth is not available or you're interested in a psychic reading. Our mission is to make sure YOU ALL get through and get your FREE ten minute Readings! For those of you who wish for a longer written forecast - we are not offering one this month as this site is changing it's entire format. Feel free to email Elizabeth if you have a question or concern. You will learn all about the month of August via the weekly forecasts, daily forecasts and or through a Free phone Reading with Elizabeth! Happy August and Addicted to Astrology is looking forward to speaking YOU soon!