Aquarius November Horoscope

AQUARIUS: This could be one of the happiest months for you, Aquarius! Get excited because it’s only the beginning of a very romantic cycle for you. You will be either in the midst of planning a major celebration or you will be having one during November. You could be in love or at the very least involved with a very eccentric and artistic individual. Leo and Virgo could play dramatic roles in your life during this amazing and dramatic month. There are some unexpected twists and turns in the road but the end result will be to your personal benefit. Realize without change there would be no growth.  

There could be strange, unfamiliar and unusual happenings in your life this month. You will be surprised by the benefits, developments and excitement it brings to you.  People from your past, especially past loves will be emerging during the Scorpio Retrograde transit. Mark November 8th on your calendar and watch how things develop in your life. The developments of this month are destined to prepare you for a new way of living in every aspect. New beginnings are accented. Relax because you will be much happier in the coming months than you have been all year long. Life is good, Aquarius!