Capricorn November Horoscope

CAPRICORN: There was some pressure with regards to a particular relationship last month. In November, this will subside after the 18th. Things will seem more stable financially, especially after the 18th. Realize that you can turn anything negative into something positive, Capricorn. You will learn that you are highly regarded by the others and you can make even more money than you imagined. Luck is on your side this month with making money and finding just the right person. The lunation brings the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces into your life for a good reason. These signs will teach you things about yourself during the Scorpio transit. A Pisces could surprise you.  

Be alert for the need to be discreet and loyal to all long-term friends. You will have luck with the colors silver and blue during November. Call a Scorpio on the 15th. Remember also that what comes around does go around. Remain confident and consistent because you hold the winning ticket this month. Have more fun with a Taurus and plan more one on one time together. A Gemini could set you up with just the right person by accident. You have never looked more appealing, Capricorn! Get out in the public and shine this month. Your best days are the 6th, 18th & 29th.