Scorpio November Horoscope

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Scorpio! This is the time to promote your image and to appear before the public. You have an audience that you are not even aware exists. You will be especially attractive to the public, after the 18th when Venus goes direct in Scorpio. You could be occupied with matters related to entertainment, domestic issues and new career opportunities. Smile more! You can be too serious sometimes, Scorpio. Know this and act accordingly.

With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, you will come out the winner in any contest but you must exercise patience, tolerance and enormous tenacity to get the prize. Slow and steady wins the race, Scorpio. It might be in your best interest to work behind the scenes until the 18th. A new moon on the 8th in your sign could find you obsessed with a new path or new relationship. Watch the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn to find you irresistible.

This lunation will highlight areas where there has been little or no progress. Where one area in your life was lacking, you will now find more than you possibly want or need. Venus will heighten your sex appeal and you may be more popular and persuasive than you previously imagined. Be careful or you could start something you have no intention of finishing. You could feel swept off your feet in both love and career, Scorpio. Be prepared for good times, hard work and a major physical attraction during your birthday cycle, Scorpio!