Elizabeths Forecasts for 2011

What to expect from Eclipses & Planets in 2010 

Earthquakes, Fires, Volcanic Explosions, Tornadoes, Shark attacks, Freakish weather, Explosions, Water damage, Tsunamis, Accidents, Beginnings and Endings (in these areas) will make the news starting late November up until the Lunar eclipse in Gemini on December 21st, 2010, AND WILL continue throughout 2011.

What to expect from Eclipses & Planets in 2011

The issues of Animal cruelty. Mass Animal deaths, Animal attacks and animal rights, Animals subjected to horrible circumstances on land and in the ocean (Birds and Fish - This is only the beginning), Strange and unexplained phenomenons, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, The issue of time will be explored, Everything old will be new again, Families in crises, Suicide rates escalating, Fires, War, Explosions, Airline accidents, Volcanic explosions, Weather like we have NEVER SEEN, Freakish Weather, Ice, Older people (65+) making the news, The care and welfare of older people and seniors,  Government issues, Government officials, politicians and anything having to do with the government will be huge and make the news this year. Banks and other big businesses will go out of business due to scandals and what has been kept hidden.

Tax increases, Health insurance nightmares and tragedies, Earthquakes, terrorism and threats and actions of terrorism, The info structures of bridges, train tracks, freeways and tunnels will be made public (unfortunately) as we find that these are not as solid or sturdy as we had thought they were. There can be collapses in bridges, tunnels, freeways and this can put people in danger. The Government will outrage the middle class to the point of riots, The darker side of life will make the news, the unexplainable (IN EVERY WAY)  The issue of same sex marriage could become legal in California during this year so be on the lookout for news and updates about equal rights for partners where there has been none. Relationships will undergo major changes whether you are single or married. There could also be some unexpected surprises globally as we realize how the past (How we used to live) has affected the present (The way we live now) and we will begin to see the results of damage we all have created ON A GLOBAL SCALE. Oil will also be a hot topic!


Forecast for 2010 - Written on 10/26/10

Forecast for 2011- Written on 1/08/11