Virgo November Horoscope

VIRGO: November promises new beginnings for you, Virgo.  This could be a “makeover” month for you. You seem to have the instinctive desire to restructure your life on many levels, specially regarding business and finances. Don’t follow others especially during the current lunation. Blaze your own trail, Virgo. On November 18th, Venus change in direction will impact your finances in a positive way. While you might be tempted to spend money on expensive items, you should be able to afford it now. Jupiters change in direction will have a positive impact on your business and romantic partnerships. Be open to an expansion in your business relationships but be willing to work long hours to achieve your dreams.

On November 6th, the new moon in Scorpio should be quite interesting for you. It attracts opportunities related to your daily life and your love life. There is also an indication that the possibility of these opportunities could be connected to romance and artistic endeavors. The possibility of a contract is very strong.  If you meet a Pisces this month, it could have the possibility to turn in to true love. With another Virgo, you may feel you have come back to life. With Sagittarius, you may question whether you want this relationship to continue. This relationship could involve relatives and close friends.  Your most memorable days this month are the 6th, 18th & 28th.