Aries November Horoscope

ARIES: Get ready for your best month in 2010, Aries! In November there are mysteries, surprises and unexpected developments in love and social situations. Another Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could play important roles in these exciting scenarios.  You will feel more secure with your love and home life in November, especially after the 18th. You will start to notice these changes beginning on November 6th. The past couple of months were hard on all signs with so many planets in retrograde. This month they go direct.  This practically guarantees your social life will light up with opportunities, invitations and parties worth attending. Mercury will also enter Sagittarius. You can expect the following issues to be of significance in November. The areas of publishing, education, higher education, the law, the courts and your personal views about the world we live in. 

The Suns transit through the intense sign of Scorpio could also bring revealing news about matters that were previously hidden or kept out of sight on the 18th.  Talk about unexpected surprises, Aries!You could find yourself privy to confidential messages this month.  Keep your secrets, however exciting they are to yourself. Your best days this month are the 6th, 8th & 18th. The full moon in Taurus occurs on November 21st. You should be getting good news about money on or around this date. Also, be alert for opportunities to expand your base around this time and be extra cautious while driving this month. Don't speed while you drive. As you end the month, you will feel you have all the answers you feel you need to make an informed decision. Your intuition will be right on target, Aries.