Cancer Monthly Horoscope for December, 2010

For three weeks in December, all planets except Mercury are moving in direct motion, meaning that they are operating at optimum efficiency. Use this time to get your personal affairs in order, Cancer or you could find yourself re doing tasks, returning things and reexamining your personal life and goals. Make sure to back up your computer files and if possible try and get all shopping done before the 10th when Mercury reverses into your opposite sign of Capricorn. Make plans for New Years Eve before the 10th to avoid any confusion or hassles.

 December 5th is a day to highlight on your calendar, Cancer. You could be offered a final opportunity to put ideas and agendas to greater use for yourself.  In business, it's time to ask yourself some serious questions about the direction your professional life is headed. Are you being kind to others? Do you love what you do for a living? Make sure that you remain in touch with all business matters or there could be consequences. Don't be a slacker mid-month as you will be tempted to sit back and want to relax! If you're not happy in your career, this date can also bring about opportunities for a better job or an ideal schedule can be offered to you. 

Focus on your health, exercise and nutritional routines as well, Cancer. Make sure you are at your optimal self, mind, body and spirit. You need to be alert and aware of opportunities that come your way or you could lose out on some amazing career luck.

On December 7, Mars enters Capricorn in your 7th House and Venus remains in Scorpio. Your love life will be more even keeled, just be extra cautious about communicating with your partner during this period. Be clear and concise in any conversations to avoid dissension. Mars in Capricorn can boost your sexuality and physical energy as long as you maintain your daily schedules and your health.

Mercury goes retrograde on December 10 through December 30th. During this time, you notice that plans get mixed up, travel gets delayed or things don't go according as planned. Computers go haywire, transportation gets mixed up and you will need to communicate very clearly and concisely in order to be understood.

The full moon lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini on December 21st. This eclipse transits your 2nd House, Cancer. Expect sudden, unexpected changes in this area of your life. Lunar eclipses tend to trigger external events that bring about change according to the sign and the house in which they fall.

Lunar eclipses have be known to trigger inner, emotional events and they also mark beginnings and endings so be on the lookout for these events on or around December 21st, Cancer. (See Houses in Astrology under All about Astrology to learn even more about how this eclipse will affect you on a personal level). Look to the 12th House to and see what else you can expect to occur.

Next year promises smooth sailing in your personal life and where a romance is involved. Love can and will change everything for you in 2011, Cancer.

Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25 & 34
Most compatible sign: Capricorn