Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for December, 2010

Mercury (communications) retrogrades from December 10th through December 30th in your sign, Capricorn. Make your holiday plans on either sides of these dates, and if you are travelling, be flexible, practice patience and be sure have a back up plan. you more than most will be affected by delays, plans gone haywire, lost items, computer issues and other situations that will test your patience. Whenever

Mercury goes retrograde (backwards) it's a time of revision. You'll have to review, revise and revisit to get through this cycle.

Make sure that your communication is very clear. Say it twice if you have to, just make certain that the people you speak with understand you a hundred percent. Expect delays, sudden outbursts and some misunderstandings.

On  December 5th, Venus hits up your love life. There are secrets, surprises and closeness to ongoing relationships. An air of mystery surrounds you and experiences in love are intense, passionate and perhaps even a little secretive. Expect powerful emotions such as jealousy and obsession to enter the picture. Avoid this mentality as it won't serve your best interests, Capricorn.

On December 21st, a lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini, Your 6th House of work and daily health. One way or another your can expect emotional experiences related to your career. Your interactions with associates, employers and co-workers change. Your career goals will figure into this picture, one way or another.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 22, 31 & 40
Most Compatible Sign:  Taurus