Leo Monthly Horoscope for December, 2010

A new moon enters Sagittarius on December 5th. This opens doors related to love and relationships. Can you feel the love, Leo?  Your love life gives you the chance to strut your stuff and dazzle others. You will get a second and possibly even a third look. You will be scrutinizing your intimate relationships and seizing them up quite accurately, if you are travelling overseas or out of state prepare for mix ups and delays especially between 12/10-12/30.

On December 7th, Mars will enter Capricorn turning your attention and focus on to your work, job or whatever you do for a living.  Your work routines and the repair and maintenance department of your health will undergo tremendous transformations. Your personal health and your work life will require extra patience, longer hours and more attention to detail if you hope to achieve the desired results, Leo. There could be an issue in these areas that will require your immediate attention. Make sure that you really pay attention to what is said and learn to master the art of listening to what your body, co workers and bosses are telling you.

On December 10th, Mercury retrogrades into the sign of Capricorn. You find yourself reviewing or revisiting your goals. This is not a good time to launch anything new. Do not begin any new work assignments during this period which will last until the 30th of December. Instead, utilize this time to make long term plans and map out a career strategy that is financially sustainable, Leo.

Your biggest day falls on December 21st when a lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini and your 11th House of friendships. (See section about Houses in Astrology under the All about Astrology tab and also see eclipses) to give you a greater idea of how this eclipse will effect your life. Hopes, wishes, and friendships take on greater significance as you begin to finally notice the beginnings and endings associated in these areas. The 11th house could also bring the issue of an ex to your immediate attention, for better or for worse, Leo!

Prepare for the unexpected during this time as sudden and unexpected events will surface regarding your relatives, communications, siblings and travel. You might not be able to see these events clearly but it will be in your best interest to do so, Leo. December promises to focus on your career, health and most intimate one on one relationship. Be ready to experience unexpected developments in these areas, Leo. Your hard work will pay off in 2011, Leo.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 17, 26 & 44
Most Compatible Sign: Aquarius