Libra Monthly December Horoscope, December 2010

Mercury (communications) retrogrades from December 10th through December 30th in the sign of Capricorn. Make your holiday plans on either sides of these dates, and if you are travelling during this time, be flexible, practice patience and be sure have a back up plan.

On December 5th Jupiter enters your 6th House of work. This can open you up to expansion where your health and work life are concerned. You may need to hire help, resign from your present job to take a better one or you could be moving your office to your home. Where your health is concerned, make sure you exercise regularly, eat properly and get plenty of rest. You will be fortunate in both these areas on or around his date, Libra.

On December 7th, Mars will enter Capricorn joining Mercury in your 9th House. This transit lasts through next year and blesses everything you do connected with education, publishing, overseas travel, foreign countries, the law, the courts and your personal worldviews.  Mars (travel, sex drive and sexual chemistry) and Mercury (communications) form harmonious angles to your sign, so the dual transits will be productive, warm and ultra welcoming experiences for you. The biggest news this month happens on two key dates, Libra.

The first is on December 10 when Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn for its last visit this year.  This affects your 4th House of home and family. You might find yourself reviewing or revisiting whatever it is that you have been doing in these areas. This is not a good time to launch anything new. Do not begin any new projects during this period which will last until the 30th of December, especially related to your home and family life, Libra.

The second biggest day falls on December 21st when a lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini. Your 4th House. Your ideals play a strong role in events occurring on this date so whatever surfaces in these areas should be given serious attention. As the year comes to an end, you are in a good place; Libra Confidence escalates as you begin to really believe in yourself and what you contribute to the world. Congratulations Libra, Your love and family life will drastically improve in 2011. It doesn't get any better than this!

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