Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for December, 2010

Mercury (communications) retrograde from December 10th through December 30th in the sign of Capricorn. Make your holiday plans on either sides of these dates, and if you are travelling, be flexible, practice patience and be sure have a back up plan.

On December 5th Uranus (surprises/the unexpected) will resume direct motion and heads into the sign of Aries where it will remain for seven years. You won't be disappointed with this new transit as it hits your house of true love and creativity. Get ready to let the good times roll in your love life, Sagittarius. If anything, you won't be longing for company.

On December 7th, Mars will enter Capricorn in your 2nd House. This could affect you on many levels. You might be working longer hours, have two jobs or putting in massive amounts of overtime. You will be working hard for your money, Sagittarius. Your mind will be on your money and your money will be on your mind.  This Mars placement could also find you wanting to spend spend and buy big for the Holidays. You will be tempted to spend the money you have.

Make sure you think twice before buying any large purchases, especially between 12/10 - 12/30 as you will either return them or rethink them. Bottom line: Keep an eye on your money and be cautious about splurging on anything overly extravagant. You could find your finances transforming in many ways now and over the next seven years. It's time to be a saver, not a spender, Sagittarius.

On December 21st, a lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini, Your 7th House of love relationships. You noticed some of the issues that will come up began on December 5th. This gives you an idea of how this eclipse will play out for you. The 7th House represents emotional experiences related to love, marriage, committed relationships, the law, divorce, and serious partnerships. Expect the unexpected but get excited about it, Sagittarius. Your chances to land a dream job are ideal in 2011. Love will take you to places you have never been. It's going to be a great 2011!

Lucky Numbers: 3, 21, & 30
Most Compatible Sign:  Aries