Scorpio Monthly December Horoscope, 2010

On December 5th, the new moon in Sagittarius can bring about financial opportunities and expansion in your career. This is a lucky day for you, Scorpio. Be aware, alert and open to all offers being thrown your way! You could a notice that you're suddenly in demand when it comes to love and romance as Venus remains in your sign all month long. Expect to get lucky in personal and professional areas on this date!

On December 7th, Mars will enter Capricorn in your 3rd House. This affects your relationships with neighbors, siblings and helps you stabilize your daily life. You will find a structure that works for you and can define your goals and get work done more efficiently as a result.

Mercury (communications) retrogrades from December 10th through December 30th in the sign of Capricorn. Make your holiday plans on either sides of these dates, and if you are travelling, be flexible, practice patience and be sure have a back up plan, Scorpio. Some areas Mars strengthens will be equally weakened by Mercury so expect to experience some tension, confusion and expect a challenge or two, Scorpio. Make plans for New Years Eve before the 10th or you could be faced with changes regarding how you begin 2011.

On December 21st, a lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini, your 8th House. Shared resources, subjects considered taboo and transformation will occur on profound levels. Expect emotional issues connected to your communication abilities, other peoples money and travel plans.

Love is a very strong possibility all month with Venus in your sign, boosting your sex appeal, confidence and ability the charm the opposite sex without really trying. A serious commitment is a strong possibility. It's time to come across as decisive, driven and capable of anything that comes your way. You can expect to see your career expanding in 2011, Scorpio. Love also looks better for single Scorpios this month and through the end of next year.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 11 & 19
Most Compatible Sign:  Pisces