Gemini November Horoscope

Although you look like a million dollars, Gemini, that doesn’t make you feel like one. Personality is what counts. Make that your motto this month and focus less on your personal appearance and more on your fabulous personality. On 8th, there will be discussions with business partners and possible travel with a romantic partner. It's a great time for publicity, even if you don't feel it, it doesn't matter. People are very receptive to your ideas and creativity. During this time you might find yourself overly concerned with your career as well as with resources you share with others, whether it's your time, money or energy, Gemini. 

On November 18th, your romantic and sex life picks up. The full moon in Taurus on November 21st, lights up the most hidden and secretive part of your chart. What you discover about yourself should be somehow integrated into your career. The results will amaze and astound you. By November 29th, you could be involved in a romance or at the very least, not be suffering in your love and or sex life. Make time for a Taurus and a Libra this month. You won't be disappointed, Gemini.