Aries November Horoscope

ARIES: Get ready for your best month in 2010, Aries! In November there are mysteries, surprises and unexpected developments in love and social situations. Another Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could play important roles in these exciting scenarios.  You will feel more secure with your love and home life in November, especially after the 18th. You will start to notice these changes beginning on November 6th. The past couple of months were hard on all signs with so many planets in retrograde. This month they go direct.  This practically guarantees your social life will light up with opportunities, invitations and parties worth attending. Mercury will also enter Sagittarius. You can expect the following issues to be of significance in November. The areas of publishing, education, higher education, the law, the courts and your personal views about the world we live in. 

The Suns transit through the intense sign of Scorpio could also bring revealing news about matters that were previously hidden or kept out of sight on the 18th.  Talk about unexpected surprises, Aries!You could find yourself privy to confidential messages this month.  Keep your secrets, however exciting they are to yourself. Your best days this month are the 6th, 8th & 18th. The full moon in Taurus occurs on November 21st. You should be getting good news about money on or around this date. Also, be alert for opportunities to expand your base around this time and be extra cautious while driving this month. Don't speed while you drive. As you end the month, you will feel you have all the answers you feel you need to make an informed decision. Your intuition will be right on target, Aries.

Cancer November Horoscope

CANCER: This is going to be a great month for you, Cancer. There will be love and romance in your life.  Things will seem to be easier for you in November than they have in recent months. You will ask yourself “Is this really happening to me?” An Aries, Virgo and a Capricorn will make you feel secure during this passionate and highly sensual month. You will have proof of your love and devotion after the 18th. This is a month to get married or at the very least get serious with someone you have a crush on or have been dating seriously. Your daily work will take on significance during this cycle. You could be mulling over what you do for a living and how you  make and spend your money. Look at the big picture, Cancer. You need to figure out a way to integrate your personal beliefs into your career somehow. This month provides the impetus to do so.

Stay cool and confident until the 18th when Venus goes direct. The full moon on the 21st triggers insights and news concerning your network of friends and the achievement of your wishes and dreams. You're in a great position for publicity and promotion. You will get support for your ideas and projects. This will come suddenly and without warning and involve foreign cultures and people. A Virgo and a Pisces will play instrumental roles.


Leo November Horoscope

LEO:  In November get serious fast, show affection to others and watch the benefits pile up. They may surprise you both emotionally and financially. Scorpio energies are lucky for you in both home and family matters. Be honest with others and be true to yourself during this intense month. It truly is what is best for you during November. Single Leos will be especially lucky in love this month. Another Leo and an Aquarius could be involved in some way. Love will be mysterious this month. The current energies will either bond you with another or lose in interest in that person altogether. Don’t be so critical of potential lovers, Leo.

On November 18th, Venus turns direct. This is a good sign for your love life, money and family life. Where there have differences the past few months, they will be easily resolved. News and events that occur around this time will be sudden and expansive. A Virgo and a Libra will play important roles. Your best days are the 6th, 8th & 18th.

Virgo November Horoscope

VIRGO: November promises new beginnings for you, Virgo.  This could be a “makeover” month for you. You seem to have the instinctive desire to restructure your life on many levels, specially regarding business and finances. Don’t follow others especially during the current lunation. Blaze your own trail, Virgo. On November 18th, Venus change in direction will impact your finances in a positive way. While you might be tempted to spend money on expensive items, you should be able to afford it now. Jupiters change in direction will have a positive impact on your business and romantic partnerships. Be open to an expansion in your business relationships but be willing to work long hours to achieve your dreams.

On November 6th, the new moon in Scorpio should be quite interesting for you. It attracts opportunities related to your daily life and your love life. There is also an indication that the possibility of these opportunities could be connected to romance and artistic endeavors. The possibility of a contract is very strong.  If you meet a Pisces this month, it could have the possibility to turn in to true love. With another Virgo, you may feel you have come back to life. With Sagittarius, you may question whether you want this relationship to continue. This relationship could involve relatives and close friends.  Your most memorable days this month are the 6th, 18th & 28th.

Libra November Horoscope

LIBRA:  As you enter November, you begin to grasp the big picture of some of the issues you've been dealing with these past few months. Your intellect is energized. You might also plan a vacation and do more travelling, as long as that is something that stimulates your mind. You could get involved in a spiritual or political group or some type of organization that you find interesting. Once Venus (planet of love) goes direct in Scorpio after the 18th, you will notice the differences between you and your partners, especially where money is concerned. This direct movement will also show you simultaneously the similarities between you and your closest friends and relationships. A romantic attraction could be taken to the next level when you suddenly realize how much you have in common. An Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will play key roles. 

With three planets - Jupiter (luck), Venus (love) and Uranus (surprises) - forming beneficial angles to your tenth house, the career sector of your chart, you will find that you are in a strong position professionally. Other people, peers, bosses and coworkers believe you're the person with the answers. Make sure you keep it that way, Libra.

On November 6, a new moon in Scorpio should bring about financial opportunities. You will also discover that your ideas and compassion play a stronger role in your romantic relationships and creative projects. Wear shades of pink and light blue to leave a lasting impression on others, Libra.  

Scorpio November Horoscope

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Scorpio! This is the time to promote your image and to appear before the public. You have an audience that you are not even aware exists. You will be especially attractive to the public, after the 18th when Venus goes direct in Scorpio. You could be occupied with matters related to entertainment, domestic issues and new career opportunities. Smile more! You can be too serious sometimes, Scorpio. Know this and act accordingly.

With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, you will come out the winner in any contest but you must exercise patience, tolerance and enormous tenacity to get the prize. Slow and steady wins the race, Scorpio. It might be in your best interest to work behind the scenes until the 18th. A new moon on the 8th in your sign could find you obsessed with a new path or new relationship. Watch the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn to find you irresistible.

This lunation will highlight areas where there has been little or no progress. Where one area in your life was lacking, you will now find more than you possibly want or need. Venus will heighten your sex appeal and you may be more popular and persuasive than you previously imagined. Be careful or you could start something you have no intention of finishing. You could feel swept off your feet in both love and career, Scorpio. Be prepared for good times, hard work and a major physical attraction during your birthday cycle, Scorpio!

Sagittarius November Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS: In November, you will ultimately decide on the correct path to take in both your love life and your career. Watch the new moon on the 6th for surprising developments. You will find that you communcate with others effortlessly.  Events and outcomes have depended largely on your attitude. Is this really a surprise to you? The November lunation occurs in your twelfth house. This could put you in contact with theaters, television and the supernatural. You will experience luck with these areas. Entertainment and romance could seem destined to you. You could find Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces especially attractive and alluring.

It’s important for you to remember that 2010 has been about polishing your public reputation. Do not make promises you cannot keep and don’t lead anyone on for that matter. As a Fire sign, you are fickle by nature. You tend to love them and leave them. You may find that it’s not that easy anymore. Be careful because someone maybe planning on a serious committment from you, Sagittarius. Be honest with a Cancer and a Scorpio! Be especially alert and attentive with your reputation on the 11th and 26th. On Thanksgiving you will be the center of attention wherever you go. 

Capricorn November Horoscope

CAPRICORN: There was some pressure with regards to a particular relationship last month. In November, this will subside after the 18th. Things will seem more stable financially, especially after the 18th. Realize that you can turn anything negative into something positive, Capricorn. You will learn that you are highly regarded by the others and you can make even more money than you imagined. Luck is on your side this month with making money and finding just the right person. The lunation brings the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces into your life for a good reason. These signs will teach you things about yourself during the Scorpio transit. A Pisces could surprise you.  

Be alert for the need to be discreet and loyal to all long-term friends. You will have luck with the colors silver and blue during November. Call a Scorpio on the 15th. Remember also that what comes around does go around. Remain confident and consistent because you hold the winning ticket this month. Have more fun with a Taurus and plan more one on one time together. A Gemini could set you up with just the right person by accident. You have never looked more appealing, Capricorn! Get out in the public and shine this month. Your best days are the 6th, 18th & 29th.

Aquarius November Horoscope

AQUARIUS: This could be one of the happiest months for you, Aquarius! Get excited because it’s only the beginning of a very romantic cycle for you. You will be either in the midst of planning a major celebration or you will be having one during November. You could be in love or at the very least involved with a very eccentric and artistic individual. Leo and Virgo could play dramatic roles in your life during this amazing and dramatic month. There are some unexpected twists and turns in the road but the end result will be to your personal benefit. Realize without change there would be no growth.  

There could be strange, unfamiliar and unusual happenings in your life this month. You will be surprised by the benefits, developments and excitement it brings to you.  People from your past, especially past loves will be emerging during the Scorpio Retrograde transit. Mark November 8th on your calendar and watch how things develop in your life. The developments of this month are destined to prepare you for a new way of living in every aspect. New beginnings are accented. Relax because you will be much happier in the coming months than you have been all year long. Life is good, Aquarius!

Pisces November Horoscope

PISCES: It will seem as if most of your wishes become realities during this Scorpio transit.  Work has been very demanding this year and has involved travel and change at various times. Separations and long distance love affairs have resulted from these temporary demands in your professional life. The November lunation falls in the sign of Scorpio, giving you the ability to be exceptionally convincing in all areas of your daily life. You may want to travel, relocate or experience something exotic this month.

The staus quo could produce a sense of wonderlust. A Virgo and a Gemini will look exceptionally sexy this month. Be prepared for major chemistry and a surprise attraction that could change your life in more ways than one. You will have style and sex appeal that others will find difficult to resist.

The new moon in Scorpio on the 6th will make your choices in love easier. Make sure you don’t tell everyone everything this month. Try to be more mysterious for even better results in love and your sex life. People are talking about you this month, Pisces. You could even get some lucky news on the 21st.

Whenever creativity is involved, it is work for you, Pisces. Show off your best work after November 18th for best results. A Libra will play a mysterious role.