Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The emphasis falls on your career and prestige. Focus on how the world sees you versus how you view yourself. This is a great time to mix and mingle with professionals, executives and people in positions of power, Aries. A Cancer, Libra and a Capricorn will take you seriously. There could be several opportunities to promote your own agenda while you help others promote theirs. A romance is getting hot and heavy, Aries. Mix business with pleasure today and see what develops. 

The moon falls in the compatible sign of Capricorn today. You might be tempted to take risks, however, today is not that day. It's imperative to separate illusion from reality, Taurus. Perceive relationships in their true light. Although you could be feeling warm and fuzzy, before you lend that loving touch, check references and define terms and conditions with loved ones. Don't ignore your gut instincts, especially today.

Current planetary emphasis falls on the way you view the world and what you ultimately contribute to it. Delays, errors and other mishaps could find you temporarily bewildered. As the day progresses, things start looking up. Spend tonight with a special someone who hasn't had much time for you lately, Gemini. A new love affair could be blossoming while an existing one is taken to the next level.. 

The moon falls in your seventh house of love and partnerships today, Cancer. Your spirits are soaring today as you start to get in touch with a brand new version of yourself. Your ambition and drive to succeed are all highlighted. Your responsibilities will increase and you could feel stressed out by work and want to focus on your love life. Don't make waves with the opposite sex. A special surprise will be in store for you, Cancer. 

The emphasis falls on work and health today, Leo. You could find your work schedule leaves something to be desired. Perhaps, things are not progressing as smoothly as you had hoped. Practice patience and work on your health, exercise and eating habits. You will notice a shift in energy once these areas are in perfect alignment. Another Leo can help you with repair and maintenance issues today. Don't be too proud to ask for help if you need it, Leo.

The emphasis falls on fun, love affairs and flirtations. It's a great day for the singles to look for a new love interest. A Taurus and a Capricorn will be receptive to your charm, Virgo. Children could also play a huge role in your day. Be open to expansion in all areas of your life, Virgo. Something totally unexpected could happen which dramatically changes your circumstances for the better. A Scorpio and a Pisces will play roles in your day.

The emphasis falls on your home and family today, Libra. You will be concerned about your children, relatives and friends at a distance. There will be a need to reach out and discuss who will go where and with whom today. The signs of Leo and Aquarius will play major roles in the outcome of today's events. Stick close to home base and spend time with those you truly cherish.  

The moon falls in your third house of reading, writing, teaching and personal expression. You realize how powerful emotions can be today, Scorpio. Opportunities related to hard work and more money will surface today. There is a fresh start in a new direction that could also yield some surprising results. Luck is on your side today, Scorpio.

 The moon enters Capricorn and you could be feeling left out in some way. You will be concerned with security and where you are headed. Don't get irritable or impatient. With Mercury in your sign, there is the ability to charm others with your words and voice. Realize your power with the written and spoken word today and keep telling people close to you what you expect from them. Someone at a distance wants to talk to you. A Virgo will play a major role in your day.

It's your kind of day, Capricorn. The moon enters your first house of personality, image and assertion. Careful not to come across as too bossy or demanding. A Gemini and a Pisces will have something to say. Realize that your friends and romantic partners are on your side. You will be especially attractive and attracted to the opposite sex. Make sure you mix and mingle tonight. You could meet someone special and feel chemistry like never before. A Cancer is involved in this picture.

The moon enters Capricorn and your second house of income and shared resources. You might be feeling overwhelmed with regard to finances, cash flow and other royalties. There is a sense of fear that you might never have enough or that someone is not good enough. Stop, drop and release your fears, Aquarius. If you're feeling distant from a special someone, make that call. A Pisces and a Virgo would love to hear from you.

The moon in Capricorn forms a harmonious angle to your daily routine today. Realize that you are making fast and substantial progress, Pisces. Work will produce gains and you will have others asking how you manage to do it all. There is luck in all partnerships with Jupiter (planet of luck) in your sign. This is an ideal time to ask for a raise or bonus as your bosses are impressed with your performance. A past love has you on his or her mind. Don't be surprised if you receive an unexpected call or text message. A Cancer will play a role in this picture.


Lady Gaga- Planets in natural houses and exalted signs = The Fame

Lady Gaga

March 28th, 1986

Lady Gaga is a singer, songwriter and one of the most influential artists of our time right now. By reading her chart and utilize Astrology, I will show how you how she rose to fame and how you can do the same with the power of Astrology.

Lady Gaga has many planets in their natural houses and planets in exalted signs. People born with planets in natural signs don't have to work too hard to get what they want. Luck comes naturally to them. After that comes what are referred to as exalted signs. They tend to be more successful and more popular (think mega successful) than those that don't have any planets in natural houses or exalted signs. Planets in natural houses and exalted signs all but guarantee accomplishment at its most creative, successful and influential level. They are the famous ones who make a name for themselves. If you take any celebrity, wealthy, successful or influential person, you will always find planets in their charts in their natural houses and planets in exalted houses.

We all have the power to have "The Fame", It's just a question of looking at the following planets and what house they occupy in one's chart. By knowing your planets and houses, you have only begun to explore how you can have the fame too.

Here is a breakdown of the best placements for the planets to be in.

Aries- Mars (Mars in Aries)
Taurus - Venus in it's sensual form (Venus in Taurus)
Gemini-Mercury in it's communicative form (Mercury in Gemini)
Cancer - The Moon (Moon in Cancer)
Leo- The Sun (Sun in Leo)
Virgo- Mercury in it's critical form (Mercury in Virgo)
Libra - Venus -in it's aesthetic and critical form (Venus in Libra)
Scorpio- Pluto, co ruled by Mars (Pluto in Scorpio)
Sagittarius- Jupiter (Jupiter in Sagittarius)
Capricorn-Saturn (Saturn in Capricorn)
Aquarius - Uranus replacing Saturn (Its previous ruler) (Uranus in Aquarius)
Pisces- Neptune replacing Jupiter (Its previous ruler) (Neptune in Pisces)

Those are considered the ideal locations for planets in your natal chart. Planets in those houses will make little effort yet net huge rewards. Check out your natal (birth) chart and look for any of the above planets to fall in those signs.The next best place for your planets are what are referred to as planets in exalted signs.

Sun exalted in Aries: physical energy, assertion, sexual energy, motivation, self-confidence and won't take no for an answer.
Moon in Taurus: Instincts and reactions are always on target and there is an ability to excel in Creativity
Mercury exalted in Aquarius: The ability to win a universal audience through factual logic, innovative concepts and intellectual staying power.
Venus exalted in Pisces: Sensitivity will encourage a love of everyone, unusual creativity and universal appeal.
Mars exalted in Capricorn: This placement instinctively knows how to put the right energy to work which always results in fame and fortune on some level.
Jupiter exalted in Cancer: This placement will encourage the need to mother others and grow from it.
Saturn exalted in Libra:  This placement brings issues of justice, balance, responsible judgment and rational thinking.
Uranus exalted in Scorpio: This placement is overly extreme, intense and brings about transformation.
Neptune exalted in Cancer: This placement is able to get security without the help of others and also is blessed with an ability to transcend to an elevated status.
Pluto exalted in Pisces: This placement removes what isn't working with what does work. It also clears out the past to make way for a transition and a transformation into the future.

With Gagas Sun and Venus in Aries, this makes her unstoppable. Those born under an Aries sun make their own luck happen by refusing to take no for an answer. They have the energy, drive, ambition and motivation to never stop until they get to where they want to be. Her Pluto in Scorpio makes her unique, truly one of a kind, personally and in her public life. She is innovative, intense and very powerful. This is Pluto working hard for her. She also has Mars in Capricorn. By looking above you can almost see how she rose to the Fame. She was destined to be successful however, it hasn't always been so easy for her. She has experienced enormous betrayal, profound heartbreak and never really felt accepted growing up. Her chart shows that she is more trustful of men than women.

When she speaks, you can be sure it's from the heart thanks to her Pluto in Scorpio. She is at the right place at the right time but don't think for a second that she doesn't know how powerful she really is. The Sun is the most powerful planet in Astrology. It needs an audience. Pluto is considered the most intense and unique planet in Astrology. Mars is also a very powerful and very personal planet. With Lady Gaga's Mars in Capricorn, this shows she has worked very hard for her fame and as you will see above, she is blessed to have this placement as it practically guaranteed fame but with Pluto in fellow cardinal Capricorn, time or issues with time will continue to overwhelm her.

So, what are you waiting for See what your potential is and how you can maximize your abilities to get The Fame for yourself.

Lady Gaga
Sun in Aries
Mars in Capricorn
Pluto in Scorpio