February Monthly for Aquarius

Happy Birthday, Aquarius! February will feature new beginnings starting on 2/2 when a New Moon enters your sign. New Moons in your sign can bring about good luck and a new start in a direction that suits you and your specific needs. The New Moon is generally a good time to ask for what you desire in your life for the next year. So if there are any areas you would like to see results in, focus on intent and keep a positive frame of mind because you have the support of other planets backing you up.

Mercury (Communications) enters your sign on 2/3 the day after the New Moon and to top it all off, you have Mars (Action) and Neptune (Creativity) in your sign as well. You can't go wrong with this much support from the planets. You might not like everything you see or hear but you will be glad to know the truth and you will realize you had the right instincts regarding a Virgo and a Libra all along. You might have to make a choice this month, Aquarius. You will be expected to take the high road when you hear surprising news regarding a family member.

There will be a sense of urgency with regard to your family life on or around the 12th. You might feel like an Aries or a Libra are attempting to steal the spotlight from you. This is the time to balance the budget and save for the future no matter how well you are doing financially. Regardless, money will be tight this month and surprise news or a sudden announcement could be involved, for better or for worse. Don’t let money get in the way of a promising relationship. Realize that an unexpected source of income will come to you when the time is right. 

The Full Moon in Leo occurs on the 18th signaling a time when you will be dealing with what feels like chaos and drama where your most intimate one on one personal relationships are concerned. Realize that some changes will be necessary on the home front and that some minor adjustments will be made in personal and business affairs. Realize that you are innovative and creative by nature so you can always find a way to navigate ANY potential obstacles. A Leo could play an important role in this scenario. This person needs your tender loving care more than you might realize, Aquarius.  

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