February Monthly for Cancer

The Sun in Aquarius falls in your 8th House this month, Cancer. Venus enters Capricorn in your 7th House of marriage and deeply committed relationships, be they personal or professional. This transit starts on 2/4 and ends on 3/1. A New Moon in Aquarius on 2/2 could bring about some unexplained mysteries and some synchronicity as well. This is going to be an unusual month, Cancer. Pay attention to your intuition on the New Moon as it could lead you in the right direction both in your personal life and in your overall life. You could almost feel like you are being guided by your own intuition and you will instincively make the right choices for yourself. You might be overly focused almost to the point of being obsessive when it comes to a relationship you are currently committed to.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 18th suggests that you get realistic with your income. Focus on needs, not wants and you will breeze through this. Naturally, you are a moneymaker so this shouldn't be too challenging, Cancer. You could have the chance to get up close and personal with a Gemini, Virgo or a Sagittarius this month. You can upgrade your social life with these signs. Listen to a Virgo for romantic advice around the 4th. Go somewhere secluded with a special love on the 13th for best results. “Take the phone off the hook” on the 14th. You are in for some serious sexual excitement and some startling romantic surprises.

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Best Day: 2/15