February Monthly for Leo

Venus (planet of Love) begins the month in the compatible air sign of Libra. This should be good news for Leos who have been stuck in a rut. Venus will enter Aquarius, your 7th House of marriage and legalities on the 4th. This transit should awaken you to realities in these areas. Your mind will be focused solely on your closest relationships, especially personal and professional ones. You will want boundaries defined, you will demand greater clarity and consistency from those you have contracts and commitments with. The signs of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio will play surprising roles in developments happening this month. You should know where you stand in love by Valentine’s Day.

Mid month will find married Leos or those in relationships desiring some space, while singles will be seeking out and finding lasting, stable and committed relationships. All Leos, regardless of their love status, will have no problems getting acclimated to this “lucky” planetary energy. Jupiter in your 5th House will help you organize your love and sexual relationships. Expect the unexpected throughout February with regard to both sex and love, and realize this is only the beginning, Leo. Another Leo will play a role in your month and can assist you in these areas.

A New Moon in Aquarius falls on 2/2 which should help you in any new partnerships whether they be career offers or new love interests.You can experience luck with any new romance begun during this time. There could also be an office romance when Venus is in Capricorn.

The Full Moon in Leo in your 1st House on the 18th will bring about precision in your focus and the ability to go after what you want and utilize your natural capacity to get it. There is luck in love affairs this month as long as you make the effort. Otherwise, expect to be eating a pint of ice cream on your bed on Saturday night drowning your sorrows. Saturn is retrograde so this could cause you some concerns and  "Is this really worth it?" moments, however, you can overcome any obstacles that relate to fresh starts in new directions. A Full Moon in your sign on the 18th will illuminate what has been taking place behind closed doors. Don't stress, Leo. It could turn out to be great news!

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