February Monthly for Libra

The Sun’s transit through Aquarius will enhance your popularity, both personal and professional and bring an element of timing into your month. Remember that when you are a Libra, love and romance are never far away. You can express your concerns with your family during Mercury's journey into Aquarius. This should help you to be forthright and lay your cards on the table. Lay it all out and let your partner know your concerns as they relate to you. Expect 2/2 to be filled with genuine love, appreciation and some tears of nostalgia. Since you're an air sign, you tend to be more cerebral and think logically, so this should be a bit of a challenge. However, it will bring relief and the desired results as you get those issues out once and for all. The signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo want to be on your team throughout February, Libra. You will know when the Sun transits into Pisces on the 22nd what to do regarding any love affairs or relationships that have brought about a sense fear, insecurity or doubt.

The New Moon falls on 2/2 in the sign of Aquarius which is your 5th House of children and creativity. Expect luck in these areas as you could receive offers related to romance, children or anything creative. On the 18th, The Full Moon in the sign of Leo can affect your friendships in a positive way, groups to which you are involved socially and bring good fortune to you, Libra.

This is a great month for focusing on love and securing a strong foundation for better and happier times ahead. This will be a month of decisiveness, determination and romantic conclusions. You will know where you stand in love by months' end and most of you will be happy with your choices.

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Best Days: 2/20 & 2/21