February Monthly for Pisces

You will find your best opportunities this month occur when you are working closely with friends and business associates at your side, Pisces. Venus is transiting Capricorn and your 11th House of friendships so these alliances can bring you enormous luck. The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 2nd illuminating your 12th House of solitude and secrets. Keep your life open, upfront and honest and you should encounter no problems on the 2nd. The Full Moon in Leo on the 18th will highlight mysteries and unexplainable happenings. A Virgo and a Capricorn will have some answers for you. Research and investigate your doubts, secrets and your deepest fears. You will be surprised at what you uncover by following a simple hunch. Remember how powerful your intuition is this year, Pisces. You will really begin to feel it this month. Don't be afraid to confront your shadow side and face your fears head on. Your dreams can be guideposts to future events during this time so take note of your dreams and right down ideas as soon as they pop into your head.

Your creativity could skyrocket this month as you use the power of your intuition to solve sudden urgent matters you suddenly are made aware of that have been taking place behind closed doors.

Once the Sun transits into your sign on the 19th, Pisces will be the hottest ticket in town. You can expect invitations, luck and warm gestures from trusted friends and your loved ones as well. Sexual chemistry will be undeniable and love can make you ultra nostalgic but grateful. You will start to receive many invitations to social affairs around the 20th, Pisces. Choose carefully because a serious love affair could be just getting started.

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Best Days: 4th & 5th