February Monthly for Sagittarius

People are paying attention to you this month, Sagittarius! A New Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 2nd which should improve communication skills with others. It's a time for networking, taking short trips and interacting with friends and neighbors. You will be disseminating information and exchanging ideas with creative types this month. You can expect to have a serious attraction to a Cancer or a Capricorn under the Aquarius transit. Why not show them a good time? Nobody does it better, Sagittarius! This month will spark sudden interest in turning mild relationships into something more committed. A Virgo will want answers on the 14th. Be sure you are playing by the rules with this,Virgo. The lunation will fall in your third house of trips and visits.

An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius can be your best companions throughout the month. There will always be places to go and people to meet whenever you deal with these companions. Sex and love could play a role with one or more of these signs.

The New Moon in Aquarius on 2/2 affects your finances and how you spend and save your money, if that's possible. A Pisces could surprise you on Valentines Day. You might be dreaming about that sexy Capricorn though. Play your cards “face up” in love this month, or suffer the consequences.

The Full Moon in Leo on 2/18 brings about opportunities for overseas travel or education. You could be the recipient of an offer to travel around this time. You may be yearning for some peace and quiet once the Sun transits through Pisces on the 19th. Watch for a surprising turn of events with the law on the 18/19th. A Cancer could come forward with a secret on this mystical day. Think about what you really want before giving anyone a definite answer.

Relationships with family members will take center stage on the 15th and tend to feel much more stable and secure. There could be some tension with certain relatives who appear indecisive this month but it will be no big deal. An Aries and a Scorpio could play strong roles  Don’t let petty arguments about money spoil any friendships or create dramas. This is the time to let go of the past and prepare for the life you want. You are capable of turning your dreams into realities this month. Do it!

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