February Monthly for Scorpio

Venus (Love) is in Capricorn this month which should brighten your month considerably, Scorpio. You will find that your relationships with family members, loved ones and other friendships will be greatly assisted by the presence of Venus, so take this time that begins on 4/4 and lasts through 3/1 to make those decisions you have been quietly contemplating. You might decide to relocate this month, strengthen your family ties and wrap up any pressing family concerns.

You could meet someone who lives close to you or you could  be introduced to a friend by someone from your family. Aspects are good for single Scorpios to find someone who is not their regular type but will intrigue you none the less. The signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will play key roles in these introductions.

Single Scorpios will be surprised and intrigued by a potential new love interest or an existing relationship. Attached Scorpios will need to pause and take a few deep breaths before they speak. Communication will be essential in all love affairs and in all creative matters throughout February. A Pisces will come forward with some unexpected news. A Taurus or Capricorn might make a declaration of “true love” on the 14th.

Don’t start anything you have no intention of finishing this month, Scorpio. People will hold you to your word, so make sure you can attend that event before you RSVP. The Aquarius lunation can make you feel pressed for time and you might feel like you need a vacation from all the chaos occurring in your daily life and routines.

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 2nd will encourage you to look at the way you interact with others. It will be imperative that you come up with unconventional ways to sustain these relationships. Be less sensitive and more social this month for best results, Scorpio! The Full Moon in Leo on the 18th can bring about a culmination of sorts where your career is concerned. You begin to see whether or not you can take a career to the next level. Expect to see the rewards for a job well done, Scorpio. It won't be easy but it will be extremely fulfilling. 

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