February Monthly for Virgo

Venus (Love) enters Capricorn (Your house of sex and fun) on 2/4 and this lasts through 3/1. Consider this to be auspicious in terms of love and any deeply committed relationships, Virgo. Love with the right person should be progressing seriously throughout the month. There will be a strong connection or an ongoing intense sexual compatibility that leaves both parties in an intoxicated and exhausted state. Your love and sex life are getting sorted out as you make conclusions and formulate strategies to keep that which you treasure deeply and rid yourself of that which you want to discard. Expect to feel stirred by deep emotions.

Mercury (Communications) will enter Aquarius on the 3rd through the 21st. This could bring about odd situations where your job and daily routines are concerned. You might ask what the #*%* was that all about. Strange, yes...weird, extremely. There can be an element of the strange and unexpected to your work life, so don't say I didn't tell you, Virgo! You might think..hmmm, is this person just odd or are they a serious genius? You will be utterly stumped when it comes to these occurrences happening in your career, so be on the lookout for odd and eccentric types when it comes to your career in February.

A New Moon falls on 2/2 in the sign of Aquarius which should bring about luck to your health, daily routines and issues of repair and maintenance, while a Full Moon in Leo on the 18th should put the emphasis on how you deal with your closest love relationship and other important partnerships. These areas will be highlighted during the Full Moon this month. Be on the lookout for exciting, unusual and creative types to emerge into your social circle. There will be opportunities for Virgo to engage in a workplace romance but realize that this could lead to loss, Virgo. Food for thought. Temptations abound this month so prepare to have to say "No" to some tempting proposals.

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