Cancer March Forecast

Venus (Love/Luck/ Attraction) is in Aquarius from 3/1 - 3/27, your 8th House of power and transformation. This is a great placement for you, Cancer. You can have the harmony you desire but make sure you rein in that tendency to blame others if things don't go exactly as planned.
Keep your emotional nature in balance and you will see the results socially, romantically and with your closest friendships. Communication snafus will occur less frequently as well.  
With Uranus aka (Surprises) entering your 10th House of prestige and your career on March 11th, prepare for the unexpected in your life as these areas will be highlighted for you for the next seven years. Go with the flow and be prepared for sudden changes where your career is concerned.  Watch what happens around and on 3/11 to get an idea of how this will play out for you, Cancer.  Anything unanticipated that happens could lead to great opportunities for advancement.  This placement can awaken you regarding the direction of your career and bring you new and exciting opportunities. Try to accept whatever comes your way although you may initially feel some confusion, Cancer. Trust yourself that these changes will bring prosperity. 
The New Moon is in Pisces on March 4th and can bring about opportunities for travel and interactions with foreign countries, foreign places and other cultures.
Full Moon is in Virgo on March 19th and will impact your communications and could bring news related to your siblings, neighbors and a possible romantic involvement.
In terms of love, March will be a favorable month for all Cancers. You will be utilizing your creativity in a constructive way including all affairs of the heart.There is potential for single Cancers to meet and attract a new love while coupled Cancers can get even closer via serious, lively and interesting discussions. The signs of Virgo,Sagittarius and Pisces will play active roles in your life this month. An Aries and a Libra can bring about opportunities for progress where your deepest hopes and desires are concerned. Get ready for a nice month filled with unexpected twists and turns, Cancer.