Leo March Forecast

Venus (Love/Luck/ Attraction) is in Aquarius from 3/1 - 3/27, your 7th House of marriage and serious commitments. This is a great placement for you, Leo. You will be able to have your way in any serious relationships. You will influence many, either single or coupled, with your sex appeal, charm, beauty and aggressive sexuality. However, be careful of a tendency to jump into a relationship as you might feel an overwhelming attraction where the chemistry seems magical but in the end you find you actually have nothing in common. If you realize this and take it for what it is, you will avoid disappointment. Coupled Leos will want to travel, have long conversations and will find themselves to be content where love is concerned.
The biggest news this month happens on 3/11. Uranus aka (Surprises) enters your 9th House of travel and higher education. The way you view the world will be transformed, Leo. Prepare, if you can, for unexpected and potentially major developments in these areas. This transit is in a compatible fire sign so it will feel as though a burden has been lifted. You may feel that you are being confronted with issues that come at you out of nowhere. You will need to be on top of your game and learn to handle anything that happens spur of the moment. You could be focusing on long distance travel, higher education and how changes in these areas can affect your life. This is the beginning of a 7 year cycle that will turn these areas upside down. How you respond and learn to cope with these changes will determine the outcome.
The New Moon is in Pisces on March 4th can bring about an increased intuition and the ability or need to probe your subconscious mind. You will realize that you have a lot of learning still to do, so you will seek ways to get in touch with the private part of yourself around this date, Leo. It will pay off to invest in some self- analysis. An Aries and a Libra will be especially helpful.
Full Moon is in Virgo on March 19th impacts your money and possessions. You could receive some news about finances on or around this date. Realize that Virgo wants you to be concerned with details. You will know what needs to happen and make the adjustments that this Moon asks of you, Leo. It might be time to restructure your financial life so the aspect of higher education applies to learning more about your own finances, Leo, and this is the perfect time. 
In terms of love, March will be a great month for all Leos, coupled and single. Attractions are strong and existing love will get stronger and possibly more committed. A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio will play roles.