Sagittarius March Forecast

Venus (Love/Luck/ Attraction) is in Aquarius from 3/1 - 3/27 and brings about the desire to let loose and have some fun. You will attract lots of attention and you can expect to have a change of heart with regards to how you look at love. There will be some new faces but already coupled Sagittarius will find they desire an even stronger commitment. Whatever your relationship status is, this month will find you ridding yourself of negative memories and you will find that they fade once and for all. There is expansion with love yet there is also distance in one relationship that continues to baffle you. A Taurus, Gemini and a Capricorn can play outstanding roles in your life this month. Accept offers to get out and meet new contacts. With Jupiter in Aries and Uranus and Mercury all in compatible Fire signs, you are practically assured of success. However, you might have to make a few minor adjustments to your own behavior in order to make you that much more desirable to someone you hope to win over.
The biggest news this month happens on 3/11. Uranus aka (Surprises) enters your 5th House of creative ventures, personal expression in love and what you do for fun. Prepare for the unexpected and major changes in any areas related to your love life or where creativity is expected and rewarded. Events seem to occur out of nowhere and you will need to use your special talents to sort things out and take advantage of what is going to benefit you. Sagittarius is known for jumping right into things but you need to look before you leap. This is the beginning of a 7 year cycle that will be filled with sudden opportunities in love, with children and any creative involvements so prepare for the unexpected in these areas. 
The New Moon is in Pisces on March 4th and can attract offers where your family/home life are concerned. Domestic issues take precedence over everything else and events will move at a fast pace.  There may be change in all areas related to your home life, Sagittarius. Parents, siblings and close friends may be involved as well as spouses, partners and those who share intimate areas of your life.  The signs of Taurus and Libra could play strong roles in these areas and especially on this date, Sagittarius. 
Full Moon is in Virgo on March 19th and encourages you to read the details and fine print. You could notice offers for advancement being presented to you and some professional invitations related to your career will occur. This is a lucky day for you when it comes to securing a stronger structure for yourself and your career. You will feel in control and excited with all the movement happening in these areas.
In terms of love, Sagittarius, you are in love with love. Take some time to think about what you really desire from love and watch how this transit (Uranus in Aries) affects your love life. You will instinctively know how to deal with sudden opportunities and anything else that comes up suddenly in your love and sex life. Change is imminent and what was certain yesterday will no longer be so certain tomorrow. This can be exciting for a sign like yours as your natural optimism will attract the right kind of attention.