Virgo March Forecast

Venus (Love/Luck/ Attraction) is in Aquarius from 3/1 - 3/27. This is a very romantic and creative time for all Virgos. You could find yourself living a rich romantic life as passions are stirred and chemistry is strong with the public and where your profession is concerned. You will find females especially helpful in business and you will navigate through some romantic confusion and minor red tape where certain sexual and love relationships are concerned. With a heavy emphasis of planets in Pisces, your opposite sign, good fortune in areas related to the law, marriage and even your business relationships are expected. Events will be faced paced, exciting and will prove profitable in all areas. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will be helpful to you.
The biggest news this month happens on 3/11. Uranus aka (Surprises) enters your 8th House of personal transformation, Virgo. Prepare for unexpected and major changes in the areas of power, deeply committed relationships, sex and X-rated topics.  These events will occur out of the blue, be quite unexpected and may involve such topics as insurance, taxes, other people's money credits and debits. This is the beginning of a 7 year cycle that will change your life in many of these areas. These developments may seem to you somewhat odd and yet you need to realize that the way you respond to these changes will determine the outcome. Another Virgo and a Pisces will play strong roles in these areas, so pay close attention, Virgo.
The New Moon in Pisces on March 4th can bring about increased intuition where your marriage, pending legalities, the law and your career and business commitments are involved. You will find yourself feeling exhausted but successful and aware of where you stand. This is the time to trust your intuition, Virgo, and this Moon can deepen it considerably.
Full Moon is in your sign Virgo on March 19th and this can bring about opportunities for new beginnings when it comes to ideas you might have been secretly thinking about. On and around this date, you can feel drained physically but you will also realize where improvements are needed, and you will seek ways to correct any so called "problem" areas. You will want to find out what unconditional love really means to you. You could find the right partner and feel you are in the right place at the right time, single or coupled.
In terms of love, Virgo will awaken to the truth and reality of love. Expect any new attractions to develop into something serious. Coupled Virgos can resolve any previous disagreements or conversely decide to terminate the relationship altogether. This month is a wake up call to all Virgos, single or married, and will be a time when you know what you want from love and demand that you get it. You are special, Virgo, and you deserve the best. This is not the month to settle but is a month to find the right person. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will play unique roles in your month.