Aries April Forecast

This is going to be a memorable month, Aries. There are 6 out of 10 planets in your sign  bringing about a surge of activity when it comes to your day to day life this month. On 4/2, your ruler, Mars, enters your sign and gives you the energy and ambition to make things happen, fast. You have an excellent opportunity to make your life exactly what you want it to be this month, Aries. It might not come easily, but you will know exactly where you stand and can learn a great deal about yourself this month. 
Jupiter (Luck), Venus (Love), Mercury (Communication), Mars (Action) and Uranus (Surprises) and the Sun will be in your sign this month indicating sudden and unexpected events. This is a great month for love and serious commitments and will be productive, intense and exciting where your love and professional life are concerned. This buildup of planets can produce  two possible scenarios.  Your love life may heat up to the point of a serious commitment or conversely you might find yourself desiring more personal space and freedom and decide to terminate a relationship altogether. A secret could be revealed that could change the way you look at your career and your love life. With Mercury out of sync, you might also find the behavior of others baffling at times, Aries. Mercury can bring about some communication snafus and misunderstandings. Once Mercury goes direct in your sign on the 23rd, Venus will have entered your sign and things start to really go your way, coupled or single. This is your month to shine, personally and professionally. Just make sure you have aligned yourself with the right people and there should be no concerns.   
The biggest news this month is that Neptune, which has been in Aquarius, enters Pisces and your 12th House until 2026. Neptune represents that which we can't see clearly. Once it enters your 12th House, issues such as spirituality, untapped creativity and intuition will be heightened, and anything that has been kept hidden from you could surface quite suddenly. You will have the insight and clarity you need to realize other's true motivation and behavior. The transit of Neptune is quite long and it would be beneficial to look into your spiritual side and analyze your own motives as well, since Neptune brings front and center these areas. The New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3. This day should be considered an ideal day to get your affairs in order and make sure you are exactly where you want to be. The New Moon will set the tone for the coming year so make sure you have a focus and a goal, and this Moon can bring luck where your hopes and dreams are concerned. Just make sure you are confident about the path you want your life to take. 
The Full Moon falls on 4/17 in Libra, your 7th House of relationships. Mark this date on your calendar, Aries. This is the perfect time to take a relationship to the next level since your instincts and timing are in sync. This could be a day to remember. The signs of Taurus, Leo and  Libra will play strong roles in your life this month.
Best Days: 4/2, 4/3 4/6, 4/29 & 4/30