Capricorn April Forecast

Mars (Drive/Motivation/Sexuality) enters Aries on 4/2. Then on 4/3, A New Moon in Aries can transform your conservative nature into something radically different. This is a month of transformation and for getting to the heart of domestic and romantic relationships. Mercury retrograde in Aries could cause you to review or at least reflect on a domestic adjustment. Neptune (What has been kept hidden) enters Aries on 4/4 and finds you restless and impatient. It's a good time to mend fences and make up with those you may have hurt in the past. You will feel better about yourself and relationships with a straightforward approach. This is a month to be direct and make amends for any past indiscretions.
Venus (Love) is in Pisces as the month begins and can radically shake up your views about love. With Pluto going retrograde in Capricorn on 4/8, you might find your behavior suddenly out of character. With all the planetary energy in Aries, you might forge ahead and find yourself becoming a leader and assuming a more aggressive approach. Others close to you might have something to say about your new agenda or you might notice that suddenly you become fearless where once you were afraid. A good barometer of your happiness can be determined largely by your emotions this month. If you are happy, then you are where you are meant to be. Conversely, if you're unhappy, you might want to look into what actions may have caused it.  Mars will give you the energy and drive to fulfill every ambition you have, so expect to make important strides in the future. Try not to be on the defensive if someone seems to be misunderstanding you, Capricorn. Mercury can bring about some delays and you might find others close to you baffled by your actions. Take the time to explain yourself and be as open and warm as you can be. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will play important roles in intimate matters.  
Neptune (Surprises/The Unexpected) enters Pisces and your 3rd House. This transit can soften a harshness to your personality and replace it with a new soothing attitude where your communication with others is involved. It could also bring about surprise developments when it comes to your home life and where you live. Neighbors could play a role.

The Full Moon in Aries falls on 4/17 in Libra and brings about news related to your career. This is a good day for career expansion and receiving good news via a job or creative project you have been focused on. It's a day of vindication as you receive props for a job well done. Expect to hear good career news. The signs of  Taurus, Virgo and Cancer could play roles in your life this month.
Best Days: 4/22 & 4/23