Gemini April Forecast

Mercury (Communications), your ruling planet, is retrograde in Aries and your 11th House. This could be a serious time of reflection for you as you review the friendships you have and rethink about ways to strengthen them. Friendships will play a huge role in your life this month, Gemini. Once Venus and Mars are in Aries (4/21) an intense love connection that is fused with strong mutual chemistry will occur.  You could feel "in sync" with a love interest and you might also be reviewing your past relationship history in order to not make the same mistakes this time around. Love and romance will take on an entirely new meaning this month, Gemini. You are learning and growing everyday and your attitudes about love are sophisticated and honest. Realize this is attractive to a variety of people. The public always finds you fascinating due to your multidimensional nature. April will be a month of big decisions where your future love plans are involved. At the very least, they should be explored or discussed openly.

Mars (Physical/Sexual Aggression) is in Aries on 4/2 and will remain there until 5/11. This gives you the impetus to find the right balance and utilize the physical energy in the areas of your career and love, both of which are high on your list of priorities. You might not realize how powerful it is to have Pluto in Capricorn in your 8th House. Pluto (Beginnings/Endings) will go retrograde on 4/8, so remember to avoid any issues where sex, commitments, and money you share with another are involved.  Irritations such as taxes and insurance can drive you up a wall. This powerful planet can transform your life overnight into whatever you want as long as you stay focused, loyal and determined to the tasks at hand.   
Neptune (Illusions and What is kept hidden) enters Pisces on 4/4 and enters your10th House of career and social standing. Neptune's influence is subtle but powerful so it might take awhile before you catch on to the changes this planet will bring to your career and reputation. There will be some surprises and an element of intrigue.  Avoid a tendency to isolate yourself, especially where your friends are concerned. The signs of another Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will be there for you when you need them most.
Venus begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. Your love life is undergoing transformation in a most definite way. You might have questioned the value of a  serious commitment in the past, whereas now you feel more confident about your love life.   
New Moon falling in Aries on 4/3 could present you with many new opportunities. Analyze and  review your hopes and goals and consider a possible change in your career if you're not entirely satisfied. You're so talented, Gemini, there is nothing you can't do. Be patient with others this month as Mercury could create some misunderstandings where your friends and group associations are involved. You may need to listen carefully and diplomatically clarify your position. You have the magnetic personality to do it, Gemini.
Full Moon falls in Libra on 4/17 in your 5th House of creativity and romance for fun. This can be a great time for all Gemini, single or coupled. You might hear news about children, romance or a creative project. A Cancer and a Capricorn could play key roles.
Best Days: 4/7 & 4/8