Libra April Forecast

Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde (Backwards) in the sign of Aries and your 7th House of marriage, the law and serious business relationships. Mercury retrograde in Aries can create issues where people misunderstand you and what you are trying to accomplish. The good news is that on 4/2 Mars enters Aries until 5/11 and your 7th House of marriage and serious committed relationships. This placement can enhance your sexuality and bring about getting what you want in any love relationship. On the flip side, it might create some tensions in a committed relationship but this should be easily rectified as you have a tendency to get your way in love matters most of the time. Then on 4/3, A New Moon will enter Aries and the ability to attract potential new partners and relationships that could heat up quickly will be evident. With this New Moon in Aries, there will be 6 out of 10 planets in Aries so this is your lucky month where love and serious committed romance are concerned. Just avoid confrontation, Libra. Alternatively, with Mercury in your 7th House, confusion in a relationship could become obvious and uncomfortable. An ex- love could reappear and you might find that you want or need to end a relationship that has worn you out. A strong need for closure could overtake you as you get to the heart of any and all love matters. You get the picture, Libra. This month is all about love and how you choose to love and ultimately be loved.

Neptune (Secrets/Illusions) enters Pisces on 4/4 in your 6th House of daily routines and how you make a living. This House also covers issues like repair and unexpected maintenance. This is known as the planet of illusion so make sure you have enough information when it comes to your daily routines as there can be an element of blindness and what seems so confusing to you could be quite apparent to others close to you. This is a 14 year transit that will last until 2026 and with Pluto (Rebirth) in your House of home and family, make sure you keep on top of both of these areas. Relocation involving you or family members is a strong thought and likely possibility this month. You might be rethinking your home and family life and decide to make some radical changes that will ultimately result in greater happiness for all.
A Full Moon falls in your sign, Libra on 4/17. Take it easy on this day as you might find yourself so wrapped up in others affairs and details that you tend to neglect your own health and well being. Make sure you get plenty of rest and take time to nurture yourself as you might find yourself low on energy, overworked and overly stressed out.
Venus begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. On 4/23, Mercury will be out of Aries, and with Jupiter still in Aries, you will have some unexpected assistance from the most unlikely of people. The signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius and a Pisces can play nostalgic roles in your month and in your heart.
Best Days: 4/16 & 4/17