Pisces April Forecast

Mars (Drive/Motivation/Sexuality) enters Aries on 4/2. This could bring about new and improved conditions in your financial life. Then on 4/3, A New Moon in Aries triples your financial luck. You could receive an unexpected windfall on this date so take advantage of this month by saving any additional disposable income you receive and putting it away for a rainy day. This is an excellent time for all Pisces, single or coupled. Venus (Love) begins the month in your sign, Pisces. You might be changing the way you view love and reevaluating your love life altogether during this cycle. Regardless of how your love life is going, you will know deep down what you need to do in your love affairs. You will have the answers you seek intuitively so be grateful to finally uncover the truth regarding all love matters.
Venus (Love) will enter Aries on 4/21, so utilize the powers of attraction and persuasion you possess this month, especially creative and monetary. Others will be feeling generous towards you and you will find that everything takes care of itself this month. You might come across as self absorbed while Neptune enters your sign. Try not to worry excessively or let fear or self-doubt creep in. Your natural ruler, Neptune, enters your sign, strengthening all of your famous qualities and this long transit will last until 2026. This is a great placement for you, Pisces. This transit could prompt you to question what you want to do with your life. You might ask yourself some tough questions. Mars in Aries helps you get motivated to get in excellent shape, physically and mentally. Neptune could find you questioning and pondering how you make your income. You might consider a major career change of some sort and start working relentlessly to pursue a new field of study or interest.  
The Full Moon in Aries falls on 4/17 in Libra and will oppose the many planets in Aries. Watch out on this date as news you receive may change your opinion of someone close to you. You could learn about some behind the scenes activities that come to light and this might put you between two opposing forces. For example, you could be torn between your career and your home life or between your children and your spouse or partner. You get the idea, Pisces.The Libra Moon can bring about some heated and intense moments and what you hear might surprise you. The signs of Aries, Leo and Virgo could play strong roles.
Best Days: 4/1 4/27 & 4/28