Sagittarius April Forecast

This is going to be your kind of month, Sagittarius. With so many planets in Aries, your 5th House will be heavily influenced. The month starts off with Mars in the sign of Aries which could feel like you're getting your mojo back and any past insecurity regarding your love life will instantly evaporate. Mars will be in Aries until 5/11, so take advantage and start projects, pursue new love interests or strengthen existing relationships as there will be chemistry and a sense of excitement to your romantic and creative life this month. The only issue is Mercury retrograde, which will impact your 5th House but luckily, Jupiter and Mars can weaken the effects of Mercury so this shouldn't be as difficult for you as it might be for others. Take it easy on an Aries, Virgo and another Sagittarius for best results.
A New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3 which can broaden your outlook and personal horizons positively. On 4/4, Neptune (What is hidden) enters Aries and your 4th House of home and family. You could notice a family bond becoming stronger and you may find yourself working on a home based project or doing something from your home that has a creative bent to it. You could also be offered an opportunity to work from home or start a project from your home base. Follow those instincts, Sagittarius.
The Full Moon falls on 4/17 in Libra which is your House of friendships. This is a highly favored day for you, so get out and network on this day. An element of luck is working in your favor. You could hear good news involving a group with which you are involved.  A certain friend could have great news to share with you and your hopes and wishes will likely seem possible on this day. Don't let it go to waste!
Venus (Love) enters Aries on 4/21 your 5th House. Then on 4/23, Mercury moves out of your 5th House and the fun really begins for all Sagittarius. You might not know your exact destination, but you will enjoy the ride and find this to be a month of exploration, independence and getting your way in matters which have previously seemed unavailable to you. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn could play interesting roles.
Best Days: 4/20 & 4/21