Scorpio April Forecast

There are five planets transiting the sign of Aries this month, Scorpio. Aries is the daily work routines and career area of your chart (6th House) and you could notice that your daily routines and your career will be fast paced, unpredictable and full of surprises throughout the month. In addition to Mars you also have the power of Jupiter (Luck) and Uranus (Surprises) in your 6th House so while this could be exciting, it could also be challenging and unpredictable due to Mercury (Communications) going retrograde (Backwards) in your 6th House. Although this could bring about some uncertainty or fear in these areas, you will be up for the challenge and you will overcome the odds immensely. Jupiter will help you attract people who can help you advance to more influential platforms where your career is concerned. Women will play instrumental roles in opportunities for career and professional advancement.  
Aside from Mercury retrograde, the biggest news this month is Neptune entering the sign of Pisces on 4/4. Venus and Neptune in Pisces can bring about some interesting newcomers into your life. Neptune in Pisces will affect your 5th House, Scorpio. Neptune represents illusions so make sure you understand that areas associated with children, romance and creativity can be clouded in mystery. Neptune can awaken you to truths in these areas that might not be apparent to you but are seen clearly by others close to you. No worries, Scorpio. Being naturally intuitive can assist you through navigating your way through any 5th House confusion. You will gain sudden clarity into long standing issues that have been perplexing and come to discover some truths that have remained elusive in years past. An Aries and a Libra can be helpful in assisting you in these particular areas.  
Venus (Love) in Pisces also begins the month in your 5th House of romance, fun flirtations and new beginnings where love is concerned, coupled or single, Scorpio. This is a great time to get out and socialize up a storm. Just make sure you have all the facts you need on a person or a project before moving forward. A Taurus and a Virgo could be watching and waiting to see your next move. Love wise, Scorpios could very well meet someone who could want to take a relationship to the next level. Mercury (Communications) is retrograde in your 6th House of health and daily routines, so don't be surprised if you encounter any delays or sudden restrictions. Once Mercury moves direct in Aries on the 23rd, you can make decisions on whether you want to stay or go when it comes to certain projects, associations and relationships, Scorpio.
The New Moon falls on April 3rd in the sign of Aries and this might bring about a need to remain diplomatic and in control even though you could feel anything but. The past versus the future will be examined and you might want to hold back from saying something or taking an action you could later come to regret. Exercise patience on this day, Scorpio. It will pay off down the line, especially where co-workers, bosses or associates are concerned. Your ability to work well under pressure will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 
The Full Moon falls on April 17th in Libra and your 12th House. Expect emotions to come to surface and some secrets will be exposed. The signs of Virgo and Pisces will play key roles.
Best Days: 4/18 & 4/19