Taurus April Forecast

Mars (Drive/Ambition) enters Aries on 4/2 joining 5 other planets in Aries. Aries rules your 12th House, Taurus. Mercury (Communication) is also retrograde in Aries and issues such as dreams, escapism and illusions can suddenly take the spotlight. You might be surprised to find yourself in a reflective mood and your ability to tap into your subconscious mind will be eye opening. You could finally possess the ability to solve long standing problems that have perplexed you in the past.  
A New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3, which should be a fortunate day for you as new opportunities could be offered and they will be ones you are interested in and excited by. There could be some delays in getting these in motion (thanks to Mercury), but you will have the patience needed to wait it out. Next month is going to be a great time for you to solidify gains presented to you this month. Be patient, Taurus.
This month is a time for reflection and could present you with an opportunity to rethink your attitudes about education, travel and possibly foreign people and places. Publishing and spirituality are also areas ruled by this transit so you might find yourself reviewing your attitudes about these areas and what you hope to achieve from them.
Neptune (Illusion/Escapism) enters Pisces on 4/4 and this could change your career significantly, Taurus. You might find yourself being presented with offers for career advancement this month. However, remember with Mercury, there can be delays and some possible misunderstandings. You will, however, stay grounded and figure out what is best for you when it comes to your hopes for your career. Remember that the next 14 years will be paramount to your career as this is the House that Neptune will be in for you,Taurus. If you're doing something that isn't satisfying or fulfilling, Neptune could change all that. The goal of this planet is to wake you up and present with something completely different from anything you ever experienced before. Examine your fears and you could walk away feeling more secure knowing that you can (and will) conquer them.
Venus begins the month in Pisces (a compatible Water sign) and can bring a new intimacy where your love life is concerned. The possibility of spending more time together with a love is highly probable this month. The signs of Aries, Gemini and Scorpio will play interesting roles.
A Full Moon falls in Libra on 4/17 and puts the emphasis on your daily routines and what you ideally want to do with your time. Realize that your determination is your greatest ally when it comes to making changes in this area and when navigating your way through any changes that may confront you suddenly. There will be an element of creativity to everything you touch this month and you will find that it is a time when you decide to go after what you want and listen less to what others want for you. This is an ideal time to pursue your deepest passions and ignore those who tell you not to, Taurus.  
Best Days: 4/4 & 4/6