Virgo April Forecast

Mercury (Communications) your planetary ruler, could cause you to question your finances and think twice before purchasing something you might want but don't really need. April will be an intense month with a multitude of planets in Aries. Aries is your 8th House and it rules deeply committed love relationships and powerful emotions. It is also referred to as a power House. If you are in a position of power on some level, make sure to remain humble as Mercury could create some major misunderstandings this month, personally and professionally if you're not meticulous when it comes to the way you interact with others. The Month begins with Mercury, your ruling planet, retrograde in your 8th House, so you might want to slow down the pace and rethink, review and possibly revise your plans until Mercury goes direct on 4/23. Until then, take the time to enjoy your life as some chaotic and unpredictable events could take you by surprise if you're not communicating carefully. You might find yourself suddenly feeling possessive or overly insecure with a love interest or partner. Don't allow emotional outbursts to occur with a serious love interest. Hold off when it comes to powerful and destructive emotions like jealousy or possessiveness.
Mars (Physical energy/Aggression) is in Aries on 4/2 and will remain there until 5/11. Your health and well being could be of concern to you or that of someone close to you. Don't run yourself into the ground working endless hours, Virgo. You need rest and relaxation to perform at your optimal best. You also need to tend to your closest love relationships. Nurture them daily and encourage a love interest or partner to be as open and honest with you as possible. There could be some things hidden from view that might need to be addressed by one of you or on both parts. This is nothing that can't be fixed. Communication is the key to success in every relationship you have. Think about it! Your honesty and striaghtforward approach will make you that much more desirable to a love, so keep this is mind throughout the month and whenever doubt starts to creep in. Block it, stop it and open up. It's that simple. Another Virgo will be on your wavelength and can be counted on.
Neptune (Surprises/The Unexpected) enters Pisces (your 7th House) on 4/4 and this transit will last for 14 years. This is going to bring about the need for greater clarification in your committed relationships, business and personal. During this time, there might be some misunderstandings between you and a partner or spouse. You might not have all of the information needed but you will find a way to get to the heart of any love matter this month. And you will be able to resolve any persistent issues but you must remain clear, concise and realistic about love. Reality can sometimes be a wake up call that shows you errors in judgment but can also help you fix them and get closer as a result.
Venus(Love) begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. This should be a mysterious time where a long term love is involved. A new chapter will begin in an ongoing romance. There can be a greater commitment to the one you love or a sense of mystery could suddenly enter the picture with a romantic interest. A Full Moon in Libra on 4/17 affects your finances and you could hear some uplifting news on this date regarding money or room for advancement for you in your career. You could get a new job or a raise in income. Expect good news to happen on 4/17. This day could also bring luck to a relationship and the chemistry will feel right.  It will be a fast paced and hectic month but you will overcome any obstacles and end the month highly satisfied, both personally and professionally. The signs of Taurus, Sagittarius and an Aquarius could play instrumental roles in opening new doors for you, Virgo.

Best Days: 4/14 & 4/15