Aquarius June Forecast


The Suns enters Gemini, Your 5th House of creativity, love affairs, fun and games, Aquarius. Whether you realize it or not, others need more love/assurance from you. Romantic partners require attention, affection and time with you, in person. Stay on top of all important relationships (especially a romantic interest) if you hope to nurture and sustain important/key relationships. The signs of Virgo and Pisces could play important roles in your life this month. With a Virgo, you could become concerned about finances, money and long term love and or security with this individual. There could be a mystery surrounding the behavior of a Virgo this month. With Pisces, you might need this individuals assistance or expertise to help in you in business or when it comes to gaining additional income.

The Month begins with a new moon and a solar eclipse on 6/1 in the sign of Gemini, your 5th House of fun, children and excitement. Yes, Aquarius, you deserve a good time and this month, you are bound to not only find one, you could also walk away with the prize. On or around this date, pay attention to any news or opportunities that surface suddenly. These are bound to be serious and possibly life changing. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius could play key roles in your month. Then on 6/2, Mercury (Communications) enters the sign of Gemini and gives you the power to speak eloquently on all matters related to love, creativity and children in a convincing way until the 16th. During this transit, Love could find you if it hasn't already and your partner will agree with your ideas and plans.

With a cluster planets occupying Gemini this month, there could also be an attraction that has serious chemistry and could escalate to the next level. You will notice that your personal popularity increases during this transit. People will demand your company and find you to be charming and the most interesting person in the room. Your way with words could bring a surge of attention from friends and a special someone. Whenever your sign transits Gemini, this gives you the power to win others over and a love relationship could play a strong role. Alternatively, a new relationship (filled with chemistry and attraction) could just be getting started for single Aquarius. Pay attention for any significant developments or events that occur this month, particularly the week of the 1st and again, on 6/15 when another eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, Your 11th House of friendships, groups to which you belong and all friendships. This eclipse can have a profound impact on your emotions. You will feel grateful for the deep bonds you do have with others and you will also note your ability to win others over to your point of view convincingly. The eclipse on 6/15 focuses on your hopes and wishes for the future. Your dreams, wishes and hopes could come into the spotlight under this eclipse. The signs of Gemini and a Sagittarius could play roles in developments this month. Venus and Mars will be traveling together on the 20th, so take full advantage of these power days (6/20 - 7/4) to make sure you have what you want in sex, love and all relationships.

Also, demand your needs be met, diplomatically of course, in every other area/ aspect of your life. Passion, taking chances and creativity this month are where it's at for Aquarius during June. Get out and diversify, Aquarius. The results and developments that occur this month can be exhausting, hectic and fast paced. However, they can also bring about new opportunities for expansion in your love life and where important career goals are involved.

If there were ever a time to take a chance, it's this MONTH, Aquarius!

********When Reading your Monthly horoscope, be sure and look at the Houses in Astrology article (under) 2011 tab. Check the House that your sign is passing through to gain more insights into activities and themes that you can expect to encounter in your month!********