Aries June Forecast


The Suns transit in the sign of Gemini focuses on your 3rd House of siblings, transporation, communications, short trips and the possible signing of contracts/documents this month. Relationships with your siblings, neighbors and everyday routines could be on high alert as events you have been hoping to attend may get delayed suddenly, Aries. In addition, there are two eclipses this month. One happens on (6/1 (Solar in Gemini) which falls in your 3rd House. This eclipse should be a good one for you, as you find you can make progress as long as you play by the rules. This eclipse can open your eyes and make you aware of the power and need for keeping the lines of communication wide open.

Another eclipse occurs on 6/15 (Lunar in Sagittarius) which impacts your 9th House of foreign countries, people from distant places and possibly your worldviews. This eclipse could find you a bit emotional as Lunar eclipses pack more of emotional punch than solar ones do. You might hear news of a long distance trip or you could learn something suddenly that involves travel, legalities, education or even foreign people and foreign places. The eclipses this month are in compatible signs for Aries, so they might not affect you as much as they do other signs. You could be a guiding force of hope, optimism and strength for others who might be enduring tough times.

On June 12, Saturn goes direct in Libra, your opposite sign. This transit could stabilize your most important one on one relationship, business and personal. With three planets entering the sign of Gemini in June, you're in good shape, Aries. Where love is concerned, be aware of a tendency to get clingy or possessive of a love. You are independent by nature, so don't risk losing the love of your life by acting out or saying something at the worst possible time. Remember, you have the ability to talk your way in and out of anything. Utilize this quality wisely in June and you should come out of the month READY for all the excitement that begins once Jupiter enters Taurus, Your 2nd House on 6/4. You could be dealing with the signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius this month. A Gemini can help you relax and enjoy the view while a Virgo could bring hope and love into your life. You might feel as though you and Virgo have a history together that is solid and long standing. A Virgo could remind you about health, wellness and money while an Sagittarius can help you laugh at yourself and brings out your already outgoing and gregarious nature, Aries.

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