Aries May Forecast

Attention Aries, make the most of this month, especially with regards to your career and any and all serious love relationships. With Jupiter moving into Taurus on June 4th, make sure you get all of your business and romantic affairs wrapped up by the end of May. This is a lucky time for you Aries, so take advantage of Jupiter (Luck) and the expansion it brings, not only in your career but your love life as well. You can solidify all important relationships under this lucky Jupiter transit. Oddly, it might seem as though - at times - your romantic life is being controlled by forces beyond your control. Don't worry, Aries, just go with whatever comes your way. Saturn (Lessons) in your 7th House (Marriage) demands that you extricate yourself from situations and relationships that might be causing more harm than good or that have outlived their purpose. If you find yourself encountering any resistance from others, make sure to listen to what they say to you. There could be a tendency for others to misunderstand where you're coming from anytime Saturn is in your 7th House, so make sure you take the time to spell out what you want exactly so there is no room for misunderstandings with love interests and relationships.
Some Aries might be seriously considering making major life changes this month, if they haven't done so already. This year has been eye opening so far and in May (this month); you will know instinctively where to go from here. Expect compliments on your appearance and regarding your performance on the job. You are making a great impression on VIPs, friends and those who matter most. The Sun's transit into Taurus can make you come across as a little needy which is so unlike you! Be aware of coming across as overly needy with a partner; especially with Mars, Uranus and Jupiter giving you the stamina to have things your way. Just remember to tone down sarcasm and thinking that you have all the answers.
The signs of Taurus, Libra and Leo will play active roles in your month. A Taurus can teach you things about yourself while a Libra could make you feel more secure. You will also find the company of a Leo to delight you. Expect to encounter laughter and good times with these signs throughout May, Aries.