Cancer June Forecast


The Suns transit into Gemini touches your 12th House, which is also the most private and personal part of your chart, Cancer. You could be on the receiving end of unwanted attention from more than one associate or love interest, single or coupled. Mercury (Expert Communications) enters Gemini and your 12th House of secrets, self-imposed isolation and the need to keep your distance from certain individuals or you might just desire some privacy early in the month. A Solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini occurs on the 1st, in your 12th House. This is better news than you might think, Cancer. This eclipse could bring you out of a strange haze you have been in and presents you with opportunities/offers to possibly work behind the scenes, where you tend to thrive and gain monetarily, naturally.

You could land a big contract on or near this date, so be on the lookout for some good news concerning a power position, in your career and or with love, OR both, Cancer. There will be hard work involved but you are willing to do whatever it takes to climb the ladder of success. You are also naturally a money maker, so this month should bring good news about finances. Emotions could escalate however; you are capable of getting through any obstacles that come up. You might find your mind is sharp and your thinking is less foggy with the help of Mercury in Gemini.

In addition, there is another eclipse on 6/15 in the sign of Sagittarius, which is your 6th House of health, wellness and daily routines. Prepare for news regarding associates, work frustrations and possible disagreements with co-workers. You can overcome these obstacles with relative ease. Some might be jealous of your success, Cancer. So be kind to everyone, and if you find yourself encountering resistance from co-workers or bosses, kiss them with kindness, Cancer. With Venus (Love) in Gemini (your 12th House) accompanied with Mercury (Communication), there might be a secret romance in the picture. A relationship that is private or secret is characteristic of this placement. You might want to ask yourself some serious questions when it comes to love this month. On 6/4, Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) enters Taurus and will last there for an entire year. Taurus is your 11th House, Cancer. You can expect to make tremendous strides in your friendships during this year long transit. You could even meet "the one" through a group, a close friend or through an ex love.

The signs of Virgo and Pisces will play important roles in your life this month, Cancer. A Virgo makes you aware of relatives, health and innovative concepts. A Pisces can relate to you and you share a love of sympathy and empathy for others with this individual. This is your kind of month, Cancer.

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