Cancer May Forecast

The emphasis this month will focus on socializing, partnerships and ongoing romantic involvements. There is luck associated through partnerships, both social and romantic. May should be about exploration, adventure and being outgoing for best results. Try to focus less on career - when possible. Make the most of any and all social invitations.

This is not a month to turn down any offers as you never know who, where or when you could meet the right contact, Cancer. There will be an element of coincidence and a synchronicity to your month where love and certain friendships are concerned. A New Moon falls on May 3rd in the sign of Taurus. This New Moon puts you in a position of power and brings about sudden prestige. People will suddenly appreciate you and what you do for others. It might feel as though it's about time.

You will be attractive on this date and others will let you know. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will play roles in dispersing flirtatious compliments your way while a Pisces and a Libra might want to get even more serious with you. Venus and Mars are travelling together this month 5/15 - 6/9 in your 11th House of friendships. This placement can help the friendships you have reach a new level of understanding or you and a friend could get romantically involved. Whatever happens will bring happiness and you will have your way in love this month so take advantage of this prosperous month, Capricorn.

The Full Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio on May 17th. This is the most intense Full Moon and you might be feeling overly emotional on this day. Make sure that you don't take others innocent remarks seriously. An Aries and a Libra could be involved. Mark the 17th as a day to remember, Cancer. You might find yourself questioning the sanity of the world as emotions and events surprise, shock and astound you. A Pisces will be your loyal friend and trusted confidante.