Capricorn June Forecast


The Suns entrance in Gemini affects your career and what you do for a living as it transits your 6th House, of repair and daily routines, Capricorn. Some unexpected assignments could suddenly land in your hands, you could receive a promotion in business and possibly even advancements in love could be in store for all Capricorns, single or coupled. You might conclude that you're lucky to have the personal security that some close to you don't have. Be gracious, grateful and charming when it comes to the people you deal with on a daily/routine basis.

 Beginning on 6/1, a New Moon and a solar eclipse enter the sign of Gemini, Your 6th House. You could be offered a new job or another opportunity could present itself that involves you daily routine(s). Your health and wellness are also in the spotlight during this Eclipse/New Moon so pay attention to your health and make sure you're balanced, mind, body and spirit during the Suns transit of Gemini. A Taurus and a Scorpio could be involved in offers to make more money or possibly lighten your work/family or a heavy load you remain in charge of. This month brings news regarding improvements and news related to all 6th House areas. Pay attention to what others are saying to you, listen to the advice of higher ups and take any offers you receive seriously this month.

Between 6/16 through 7/2, Mercury (Communication) enters Cancer, your 7th House, and this transit promises gaining the edge over others, having serious conversations with your partner, lover and a possibly attorney. Open enemies and even your boss are ruled by the 7th House so expect the unexpected. Believe that the power of your words will lead these conversations to successful outcomes. Expect gains in the areas of the 7th House, especially in these areas/properties since they are ruled by the 7th House while Mercury is all about how you communicate to others. A second eclipse occurs on 6/15 in the sign of Sagittarius, your 12th House. The past, secrets, an old relationship or an ex love could surface this month. This is a lunar eclipse and lunar eclipses tend to be emotional times, so be advised that this eclipse could bring up long buried memories that surface and cause you to possibly experience feelings you have never felt before.

It could be strange, life changing but equally exciting. A Libra and an Aries could play roles in your life this month. With Aries, you will be concerned about the future. Your mind could be focused on future security with an Aries this month. You see a future with Aries and wish to impress this passionate and attractive Fire sign. With a Libra, you will dream about ambition, prestige and might be invited to a VIP event or asked to join an exclusive club/group or charity. A group association with a Libra is involved. One thing is for sure with a Libra this month, Capricorn. Your standing in the community could be greatly enhanced with a Libra.

The biggest news of all - other than the two eclipses this month- is Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) entering the friendly compatible sign of Taurus on 6/4. This can impact your career and standing in the community in a huge way. It might seem as life changed overnight as you wake up one morning and suddenly get along with everyone you come in contact with. Also some more good news is Saturn resuming direct motion in Libra. This gives you the ability to move ahead in areas that might have felt stalled or delayed. Luckily, this transit lasts throughout the remainder of the year, so you can make the most of getting along great with others. This will be a relief. Jupiter could also bring about an opportunity in your love life that is sudden or private. You might desire some space if you are single and get more serious if coupled.

Travel is indicated this month in your life. Whether you are concerned with travel or you might be travelling with another, either way, count on the possibility of travel to come up suddenly and unexpectedly. This is a month to be true to your heart and go after whatever you desire, Capricorn. Even though it might go against convention.

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