Gemini June Forecast


Happy Birthday, Gemini! The Sun enters your 1st House of sex appeal, beauty and personality this month. In Astrology, the month before your birthday is considered a low-cycle time for your sign, Gemini. You might do well in love but overall, it's called the birthday blues and everyone experiences this about two to three weeks before their birthdays. That is to say you might feel low on energy, feel lost, and get depressed at certain odd moments. You might have a case of the Birthday blues. Good news, Gemini. Life is about to get much better and your confidence is going to shoot through the roof once the dust has settled where your emotional reactions to events are concerned.

There is an eclipse in your sign on 6/1. This is excellent news for you, Gemini. Again, emotions could be heightened or surface during this time however, this eclipse will help you learn to deal better where your personal life and the way you communicate are affected. This is GOOD news, Gemini. Be advised that despite the way you could be feeling, this eclipse, asks that you play by the rules as far as your character and morals are concerned. Be sensitive to the thoughts and moods of others this month. It will reap outstanding returns, literally and figuratively, that could surprise you. I'm just being me you might think but your presence is more appreciated and your wit and mental powers are something to behold. So don't undermine yourself when another eclipse creeps up in your 7th House of marriage, legalities and serious commitments on 6/15 in the sign of Sagittarius. This eclipse can bring about strong emotions related to a partnership or love relationship.

This could be the beginning of something life changing or it could be that you learn about the beginning or ending of one relationship you never thought could get to this level. The good news this month is that Venus (Love) enters your sign on 6/9 and stays there until 7/4. This placement puts you in the winner's circle as far as love and a serious romantic relationships are concerned. This is YOUR month, Gemini. Surprise! You can change your life, your home or your career if you're not happy with it. You also have the power of Mercury (Excellent Communication) in your sign beginning on 6/2 so the eclipses should be quite positive for you; however you might get a bit sentimental or be emotional around these dates. Just remember how lucky you are in love this month. You will find your energy soars after 6/20 when Mars (Action/Aggression/Drive) enters your sign. This is your month for intense chemistry in love, the pleasures of life and taking in the scenery and loving what you see, live and learn. This is a month you can fall in love, get married or remarried and find the one. Realize others will find you extremely attractive, mentally compatible and might demand MORE of your company. This is a month to focus on balance. Yes, get your obligations out of the way ASAP for there are more important issues you will want to devote your time and attention to. This is an ideal month to throw a party. You might be surprised by the thoughtful gestures that your allegiance of followers and friends extend towards you.

The signs of Leo and Aquarius could be in the mood to join in the festivities. With Leo, you might feel mentally stimulated and want to solidify a relationship. With an Aquarius, you could have your mind on trips, writing and tons of mental stimulation and deep conversations.

********When Reading your Monthly horoscope, be sure and look at the Houses in Astrology article (under) 2011 tab. Check the House that your sign is passing through to gain more insights into activities and themes that you can expect to encounter in your month!********